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What can the Challenger SRT8 392 really do?

With the Challenger SRT8 392 getting very close to its official release date, Dodge is letting more and more places get their hands on Inaugural Edition 392’s. These vehicles, which have hit the market well before the rest of the Challenger SRT8 392s are identical in performance, and only slightly difference in appearance, so they offer a pretty fantastic idea of what everybody purchasing a 392 once it’s widely available will be getting, and this is good news. Because of the popularity and expectations of the vehicle, too, it seems that every individual who has been able to get their hands on an IE SRT8 392 has tested the vehicle, in some manner, to see just what its limitations are. YouTube is slowly getting populated with videos of Challenger reviews, Challenger dyno runs, Challenger Drag times, and Challenger walk-arounds, and the results are very very impressive. However, a lot of the videos available on YouTube aren’t worth the watch, so I decided to put together a few of the better ones here for your viewing pleasure. In the various videos collected below you’ll see the new Challenger SRT8 392 break 13-seconds on the quarter mile, impress various reviewers, hit a dyno, and blow your mind with its incredible exhaust tone (I’m talking about an INCREDIBLE exhaust tone! I can only imagine how this beast will sound once Borla or another good exhaust company has a proper aftermarket exhaust available for it). So, without further adieu, here you go:

MotorTrend’s First Take Review of the Challenger SRT8 392:

Canada’s Driving TV Review of the 2011 Challenger 392 (a good bit less exciting than the MotorTrend review):

A Couple of Different Challenger 392 Dyno Runs (one by Hennessy, another by National Speed):

… and my personal favorite, A 392 Running a sub 12.5 1/4Mile at the Infineon Drag Raceway:

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