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Dodge Brings Back the Shaker Hood and Scat Pack

The Return of the Dodge Shaker is Upon Us


In the 1970’s Dodge first unveiled a Dodge Shaker. The name referenced the special Shaker hood developed by Dodge which was known for its large hood active air intakes which protruded separately from the rest of the hood sheet metal and pulled air directly in to the 426 HEMI engine. The name Shaker was derived due to the fact that the direct connection to the engine caused the intake to shake right along with the rumble of the engine.

Today, the Shaker is returning for coupling with the newest generation of Dodge HEMI engines. Available in a limited edition run, the 2014 Shaker R/T features the famed shaker hood from the 1970’s with the air intake nostrils popping out from the engine bay through the opening in the vehicle’s hood.


The Shaker R/T was one of the darlings of SEMA this year, but, if you’re hoping to get one you’ll have to act fast, as Dodge will only be producing 1,000 of these special edition vehicles. The Dodge Challenger Shaker R/T will go on sale for a very reasonable $36,995, and will be released officially in the first quarter of 2014. They will be part of a series of special edition vehicles intended to celebrate Dodge’s 100th anniversary in 2014.


In addition to the Shaker R/T, Dodge also officially announced the return of their Scat Pack Club. The Scat Pack Club was a performance enthusiast organization specifically designed to offer special performance packages to Dodge vehicle owners. The Scat Pack Club today will feature upgrades and special badges for the Dodge Challenger, Charger, and Dart.

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Dodge Teases a SEMA-Bound Mopar 2014 Challenger

Chrysler Will Unveil A Special Edition Challenger at the 2013 SEMA Show and They’ve Begun Teasing the Public

It’s not much. It’s just a peak at the back end. A hint of the tail light. A touch of the rear quarter panel. But, like most people have learned about a good tease, often times less is more, and that’s exactly the case with this new special edition Mopar Challenger.

Heading to the 2013 SEMA show, automotive companies tend to prepare themselves for some big special edition reveal, and this year will be no different. This interesting glimpse in to what will be shown comes from Dodge, as we get a glimpse of the vehicle’s back driver side quarter panel and a name: The Mopar ’14 Challenger. The Mopar ’14 will become the most recent in a line of Mopar special edition vehicles including the Mopar ’10 Challenger, Mopar ’11 Charger, Mopar ’12 300, and Mopar ’13 Dart. Each of these vehicles came with minor enhancements to the major facets of style, comfort, and performance, and we expect nothing less from the Mopar ’14 Challenger.

The first tease of the Mopar '14 Dodge Challenger

The first tease of the Mopar ’14 Dodge Challenger

The one thing we can certainly ascertain from the tease is a hint of the new Mopar ’14 white and blue color scheme. A bit of a departure from Dodge’s regular insistence on bright yellows and envious purples for special edition vehicles, this subdued white and light blue looks to be the sort of combination that will have both the class and style to make it a true instant classic.

“This limited-edition ride is for muscle-car fans who love high octane and customizable performance,” Mopar president and CEO Pietro Gorlier said, ahead of the SEMA reveal.

The other thing we can ascertain about the Mopar ’14 based on its recent Mopar heritage is that this vehicle will almost certianly be a very limited special edition. Previous year Mopar special edition models have been made in batches of 500, only, and that will almost certainly be the case with this Challenger as well. What that means is that the price tag will certainly reflect not just the improvements but also the exclusivity.

It’s definitely exciting to see the Mopar special edition name return to the Challenger, four years after the vehicle kicked off the modern day run of Mopar special editions. We’re certain that the final product showcased by Dodge at SEMA will be an absolutely special automobile.

In addition to the Mopar ’14 Challenger, Chrysler will also be showcasing 19 other highly customized vehicles at their 15,300 square foot SEMA booth. Expect Challengers a plenty amongst those 20 special cars.

SEMA starts on November 5 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and we’ll definitely share more news and photos from the convention as we get them!

Dodge Proves that Less is More with the Challenger SRT Core

A Stripped Down Version of the Challenger SRT is the Perfect Combination of Spartan and Exceptional

470hp and 470lb-ft of torque from a Hemi V8 fitted inside of a 4-seater coupe, all wrapped up in a beautiful and stylistic body, and priced at under $40k. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

If you’re okay living without some of the creature comforts, that car could be yours. The new Dodge Core line–which includes their SRT8 Challenger, as well as the Challenger Super Bee SRT8 and Chrysler 300 SRT8–understands that many people want the car without the standard extras, and gives it to them at some of the best pricing imaginable.


The Dodge Challenger SRT8 Core edition takes the standard SRT8 and deletes such luxuries as: leather upholstery, adaptive suspension, and front fog lamps while also swapping forged wheels for uniquely-designed cast ones and replacing HID headlamps for halogen. In addition to these changes, the front grill surround and the rear trunklid spoiler have been left flat black, and the vehicle’s SRT8 392 badges have been replaced with more toned-down, black, “392” emblems.


By removing these luxury items, Dodge has created what may be its perfect car. The SRT8 Core still offers a number of features–chief among those Challenger styling and a powerful HEMI engine–but it also boils the vehicle down to its more core soul. The end result is a Challenger that weighs a little bit less than its brethren and costs a lot less.


We’re excited to see Dodge offering up such a spartan iteration of their beloved Challenger, and expect these special models to sell incredibly well due to their even more buyer friendly price point and fantastic looks. The small exterior visual touches also set the car apart–and look wonderful if not understated. I think this is a great business move by Dodge, and can’t wait to check out how one of these boiled down Dodges feels behind the wheel.


Dodge Updates Scat Pack Name Trademark

Chrysler and Dodge have Renewed Their Scat Pack Performance Trademark and May Bring Back the Performance Division

Move over Mopar, Scat Pack may be coming back. This past week, the Chrysler Group re-registered their trademark on the Scat Pack name – leading to rumors across the internet that the Scat Pack program could be returning to offer Dodge performance model purchasers with features that range from a monthly newsletter to specially designed go-fast component packages.

While this could be nothing–trademark registration is an everyday occurrence in the automotive world for some thing or another–there remains a distinct possibility that the Scat Pack name could return in some form; especially following the public statement from Dodge brand CEO and President, Tim Kuniskis, who stated that the Scat Pack “is a very important part of our history. We like the whole idea of having a Scat Pack of cars.”

scat pack safety ad

The Scat Pack name is an important piece of Dodge history, harkening back to the glory days of American automotive production and performance from the 1960’s and 1970’s. During that era of muscle and pony car domination–and let’s all be honest, the style and output of the era is among the greatest industrial and design achievements of post-WWII America–the name Scat Pack was synonymous with quality and performance, and was revered as one of the industry’s finest dealer components.

The Scat Pack, for those unfamiliar, was a sort of exclusive owner’s club for those consumers who purchased the finest performance Dodge and Chrysler vehicles of the day. The Charger R/T, Challenger R/T, Coronet R/T, Coronet Super Bee, Swinger 340, and Dodge Daytona were the major vehicles that made up the Scat Pack. People who purchased those vehicles between 1968 and 1972 received special updates via mail which featured special track days, racing updates, track guides, and offers and advertisements for vehicle specific upgrade parts, all for just $3 a year.

Scat Pack members also had access to a special package of upgrade parts. These components were more advanced than even the Mopar specific parts, and the end result was some of the finest Dodges of the day. Bringing the Scat Pack today would seem a smart move from Dodge as the retro-revival continues to move forward with incredible steam.

Today, the Challenger, Charger, Dart, and Daytona–in various performance iterations–would certainly make up the core of the Scat Pack. I know I, as a Challenger owner, would love to see a return of those benefits,  and I’m sure that other Dodge Consumers would as well.


Plum Crazy and HEMI Orange Color Options Returning

Dodge is Bringing Back the Iconic Plum Crazy and HEMI Orange Color Options for 2013

In an effort to keep their sales momentum following a solid 2012, Dodge is bringing back two of its most iconic color options as available Challenger options for 2013. Last available in 2010, the HEMI Orange and Plum Crazy Purple are long-recognized as indicative colors for the incredible Dodge Challenger, and they’ll be returning as available options for 2013. As Dodge moves some of its Challenger offerings over to performance brand SRT with the new SRT Core vehicle, they’ve also made the Plum Crazy Purple and HEMI Orange colors available there as Core options for the Challenger R/T and SRT-8.

HEMI Orange and Plum Crazy 2013 Dodge Challengers

Both of these color options will be available on showroom floors this Spring, with the Plum Crazy coming first–most likely in early March–and the HEMI Orange following in Spring. These colors will be made available on select R/T, R/T Plus, R/T Classic, and SRT-8 392 Trim models. So, if you’ve always lusted over the iconic Challengers and their incredible colors, now is your chance to own a modern day version of those very same cars. Prices for the retro-colored Challengers will range from $29,995 to $44,775, excluding a $995 destination fee.  The appropriately-themed Challenger R/T Classic will list from $33,995.



Dodge Unveils 2013 Challenger R/T Redline Package

Dodge Spices Up Their Challenger Line-Up With a Gorgeous Redline R/T Package

Working to keep their Hemi powered Challenger line exciting for the 2013 year, Dodge has unveiled a new Redline package for the 2013 R/T and R/T Plus. Built on the Rallye Redline package that was offered on the V6, the R/T Redline borrows visual cues from that much applauded package and goes a little bit further.

Subtle changes both inside and outside the vehicle add to the Challenger’s muscle car aesthetic, and the finished product is one of the best looking Challengers we’ve seen directly from a dealer. The R/T Redline features gorgeous black chrome 20 inch wheels, and subtle but effective side graphics across the vehicle’s beltline. To increase performance, the Redline package features a higher flowing tuned exhaust which works to bump up power on the manual R/T Redline to a full 375 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels.

The package will add $1,995 to your Challenger’s price, and can be had on both the R/T and R/T Plus trims.

Full Press Release Below:

February 4, 2013. While ice cold winter weather sweeps across Lake Shore Drive, the Dodge brand heats up the 2013 Chicago Auto Show by building on Challenger’s red-hot record selling year, and now at the show, the introduction of the new Challenger R/T Redline with modern muscle-car cues, a potent HEMI® V-8 engine throwing down 375 horsepower and a performance-tuned chassis for world-class dynamics — this new Challenger delivers exactly what Dodge fans want.

“Building on Challenger’s all-time sales record in 2012, the new Challenger R/T Redline fuses our iconic heritage with a one-of-a-kind customized appearance,” said Reid Bigland, President and CEO – Dodge Brand. “Featuring unique body-side stripes and black chrome wheels with red accents, the new R/T Redline combines unmatched personalization with the unmistakable performance of the legendary HEMI V-8.”

The new 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T Redline builds on the success of the 305 horsepower V-6 Challenger Rallye Redline model that arrived in the middle of the 2012 model year.

2013 Dodge Challenger R/T Redline

Based on the 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T — America’s most affordable V-8 muscle car at $29,995 MSRP — or R/T Plus, the new Challenger R/T Redline adds even more attitude and style with a right-from-the-factory custom look to the brand’s iconic coupe.

Following Dodge Challenger’s signature A-line bodyside character line, an all-new two-color Redline Red and Graphite stripe runs from behind the front wheel arches to the tail. For a distinctive look, the rear-quarter section of the stripe features the “Redline” name in Red over Graphite color scheme. For a distinctive look, the R/T Redline features a body-color grille surround.

Filling the wheel wells, the Dodge Challenger R/T Redline features 20-inch Black Chrome wheels with a Redline Red lip and inner backbone for a one-of-a-kind look. For even more performance and driving precision at-the-limit handling, the available Super Track Pak adds Goodyear Eagle F1 P245/45R20 three-season performance tires, high-performance brake linings and a lowered ride height.

With its two-color stripe and four available exterior colors, including Billet Silver, Granite Crystal, Bright White and Pitch Black, each new Dodge Challenger R/T Redline will stand out from the crowd. Dodge Challenger R/T Redline features a Dark Slate Gray interior with Dark Slate Gray (R/T) performance seats, or premium Nappa leather performance seats in Radar Red or Dark Slate Gray (R/T Plus). Automatic transmission models also feature bright pedals, a Mopar® T-Handle shifter and remote start.

HEMI Power

For the performance enthusiast, the 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T Redline features the legendary 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine that delivers up to 375 horsepower and 410 lb.-ft. of torque and gets up to 25 miles per gallon (mpg) on the highway. When paired with the track-proven Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual transmission, the Dodge Challenger R/T delivers smooth shifts, while delivering even more power through unique performance-tuned dual exhaust and under-floor mufflers with low-restriction bottle resonators. The result, 0-60 mph runs in the low-5-second range and a sinister exhaust growl for the cars left in its rear-view mirror; a trademark of the original Challenger HEMI from more than 43 years ago.

The 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine is also available with a five-speed automatic transmission producing 372 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. of torque. In addition, this version of the engine includes Chrysler Group’s innovative Fuel Saver Technology to seamlessly transition to high-fuel-economy four-cylinder mode when less power is needed and V-8 mode when more power is in demand. And for even more control, steering-wheel mounted paddle shifters with “sport mode” transmission calibration are included.

Loaded with standard features

Dodge Challenger R/T Redline also includes a tremendous level of standard equipment found on every 2013 Challenger R/T, including the legendary 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine with cold-air induction delivering up to 375 horsepower, Tremec six-speed manual transmission, performance-tuned suspension, performance-disc brakes, performance-tuned steering calibration, Uconnect Voice Command with Bluetooth, console-mounted USB port with iPod control and auxiliary audio input jack, SiriusXM Satellite Radio with 12-months subscription, automatic headlamps, LED-illuminated instrument cluster with 160-mph primary speedometer, instrument panel with mini-carbon bezel, fog lamps, “R/T” grille badge, “HEMI” hood badges and rear body-color deck-lid spoiler. Remote start, bright pedals and Mopar T-handle shifter are also included with the five-speed automatic transmission.

For drivers who want even more premium refinement and details, the new Dodge Challenger R/T Redline can also be built on the 2013 Challenger R/T Plus, which includes premium Nappa leather seating in Dark Slate Gray or Radar Red, heated front seats, six Boston Acoustics premium speakers with 276-watt amplifier, ParkSense rear park assist, power heated mirrors, Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) with temperature gauge, location specific tire-pressure monitoring and compass, vehicle security alarm, and HomeLink universal transceiver. Remote start, bright pedals and Mopar T-handle shifter are also included with the five-speed automatic transmission.

Just in time for spring

The 2013 Dodge Challenger with R/T Redline Group is available for ordering now and arrives at dealerships this April 2013 with a U.S. MSRP of $1,995. When configured on the Challenger R/T or R/T Plus models, the MSRPs are $31,990 and $33,990 respectively (both prices exclude $995 destination).
source : Dodge Press

Amazing Dodge Challenger Drifting

Samuel Hubinette Doing Incredible Drifting in his Dodge Challenger

I’m definitely not the first blogger to post this video, but it’s too great not share. When most people think of drift cars, the Challenger is nowhere near the top of their mind, but the driving of Samuel Hubinette at the Red Bull Drift Shifters 2012 event in Auckland, New Zealand may bring that vehicle to the front of their mind from here on out.

Samuel Hubinette, who’s also known as The Crazy Swede, has become one of the world’s premiere stunt and performance drivers. With a number of impressive Formula D and D1 Grand Prix events under his belt, as well a very impressive Hollywood stunt driving resume, he has become a sort of super star in the automotive drift world–which is what makes seeing him utilize the Dodge Challenger and show off the vehicle’s amazing potential so exciting. The video shows off some of his drift highlights from the event where he placed second, an impressive showing considering the tight construction of the event track and the size of the Challenger by comparison to your standard drift vehicle.

Give the video a watch–and appreciate the fact that nobody felt the need to include an over the top music track over the noise–listen to the harmonious bellow of the Challenger exhaust and hold your breath as The Crazy Swede brings his Challenger within inches of danger time and time again.

Be sure to switch your media player over to 1080p HD quality to better enjoy the sights and sounds of this impressive Challenger driving.

2013 Dodge Challenger R/T Blacktop Edition

The new and exciting Blacktop package available for the 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T announced by Chrysler group provides aggressive and sinister styling for their premiere performance touring automobile

As part of Dodge’s ongoing effort to keep their Challenger vehicle ahead of its competition in stylistic options and packages, the new Blacktop package available for the 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T provides beautiful and unique options for prospective Challenger shoppers. The new Blacktop package begins at the exterior level where three unique paint and stripe options are available. The three available paint colors for the Blacktop Challenger package are: Pitch Black, Granite Crystal and Billet Silver Metallic. Each of these color options will then be finished off with a matte graphite single stripe running down the center of the hood and vehicle, the outside of which is trimmed in red.

Further accentuating the Challenger R/T Blacktop’s exterior is a full set of unique Glass Black Chrome 20″ alloy wheels. The Gloss Black wheels are offset with other unique gloss black touches, including Gloss Black grille surround and a Gloss Black exterior fuel door. These metallic touches work in tandem with the Matte black striping and the metallic paint for a much coveted tuner look for the Dodge Challenger straight off of the lot. The combination of Blacks and Greys has become one of the most popular configurations for highly customized vehicles, and can be seen at shows and drive-ins, however few of them are as complete or as nuanced as this Challenger Blacktop package.

Dodge Challenger R/T Blacktop Package

The Blacktop package extends its stylistic cues from the exterior to the interior as well. Inside the Blacktop Challenger are standard dark cloth interior with sport bucket seats up front, a standard available option for the Challenger R/T, that are offset with other small gloss black metallic touches. However, for the prospective buyer looking for more, there are other options available with the Blacktop Package to improve both the vehicle’s interior and performance.

The R/T Plus package adds heated Nappa leather seats in Dark Slate Grey or Radar Red along with added goodies like a 6 speaker Boston Acoustics premium sound system with a 276-Watt amplifier, ParkSense rear park assist, power heated mirrors, EVIC with temperature gauge, a tire pressure monitoring system, vehicle security alarm, and HomeLink universal garage door opener. All of these goodies will make for a more luxurious and complete interior feel and driver comfort experience.

Dodge Blacktop Package

For increased performance, Dodge also offers their Challenger R/T Super Track Pack upgrade. Coupled with the 375HP/410lb/ft torque engine inside of the Challenger R/T, the Super Track Pack works to increase vehicle performance by adding a sport tuned steering system, heavy duty brakes with high friction pads and specially tuned anti-lock braking system sensors that aid in high speed stopping/cornering. The sport suspension system with monotube shock absorbers and a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3-season performance tires round out the Super Track Pack to help with handling and road stick. The Super Track Pack also includes a unique version of the Electronic Stability Control system that allows the driver to select a true “full off” mode – which is ideal for time spent on the race track when you do not want the stability control kicking in as you soar through a high speed corner.

The base Challenger R/T starts at $29,995, which makes it the most affordable V8 powered American muscle car on the market today. The Blacktop package for the Challenger R/T will add $1995 to the vehicle’s cost. Other goodies for the Challenger R/T, such as the Super Track Pack and the R/T Plus Package can run the vehicle’s cost upwards of $36,000 for full appointments.

No official photos have yet been released of the Blacktop Challenger R/T, but we screen-capped a few still images from the Blacktop release video. In addition to the Challenger R/T, the Avenger and Charger R/T will also be available with their own versions of the exterior Blacktop package.

Borla ATAK Exhaust for the Dodge Challenger RT

Video: Borla ATAK Exhaust Installed on 2012 Dodge Challenger RT

Great video of the popular Borla ATAK exhaust installed on a 2012 Dodge Challenger RT hits YouTube.

Getting a quality sound bite of an exhaust is always tricky. If the exhaust manufacturer doesn’t make one themselves, trolling through YouTube for an appropriate quality one can be a tiresome effort. So many people use handycams with inferior microphones, or, worse–cell phone cameras–to capture their exhaust once they’ve installed it and up until now there hadn’t been a solid video or sound clip of the Borla ATAK installed on the Challenger RT. Thankfully, the guys at Southern Car Parts did one and posted it up, and the thing sounds great. It’s right in line with the tone of the exhaust in person–only, it sounds better in person.

For those who don’t know, the Challenger RT Borla ATAK exhaust is the new premiere exhaust from Borla. Manufactured using their patented Acoustic Tuned Applied Kinetic technology, the ATAK Exhaust system is specifically tuned to complement the exhaust notes of the Challenger engine. This results in a powerful and aggressive exhaust tone, reminiscent of professional race cars on autocross and FIAA tracks, that crescendos up through the entire RPM band to a powerful and aggressive scream.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a great video for you. It has both the deep growl you’d expect from the Dodge 5.7L HEMI engine beneath the hood, as well as a true race-inspired exhaust tone that no other system can match.

Challenger Product Highlight: Retro Chrome Trim

Retro USA Chrome Challenger Trim

An in-depth look at a gorgeous and exciting new product–Chrome body trim–for the Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger owners like you and I are adamant about getting the very best for their vehicle–it’s the reason we bought Challengers in the first place, after all. We’re also almost assuredly fans of good style–again, we drive the Challenger for a reason. These two aspects seemed to come together with this new product, which I was able to see at SEMA this year for the first time and which I have since purchased for myself. It’s a complete Chrome Bumper and trim kit for the Dodge Challenger by Retro USA, and it’s gorgeous. I like it so much, and am so happy with the look of it on my Redline Challenger, that I had to share it.

Retro USA Challenger Chrome Kit

These products are made from incredible materials that provide all of the benefits of classic Chrome, visually, but do so in a light-weight and more affordable way. Each piece is crafted from TPO Acetyl Polymer, which is a form of automotive plastic that well exceeds the quality of the industry standard, and has a thin film of Chrome applied to the top. The Chrome film applied to the TPO is actually made from the same material that classic Chrome pieces are, just in a thin film form. What this means is that the shine and look with never rust, tarnish, or fade in UV light, and is strong enough to easily repel road junk and avoid chipping or cracking. The bumpers are crafted with thermoformed insets as well, which allow for them to sit just off of the body–like the classic Chrome bumpers of the 60’s and 70’s–and have a more authentic look.

Dodge Challenger Chrome Trim

And looks, that’s what’s really important here. The Challenger has become incredibly popular because of its fusion of classic and modern in its design. The new Challengers utilize a stylistic design that takes the best lines and styles of the classic automotive work of art that was the 1970-74 first generation Challenger and combines them with modern technology and design sensibilities to create something that is equal parts iconic and futuristic, classic and exciting. These chrome pieces from Retro USA are the perfect addition to this look and feel, too, as they do just that.

Dodge Challenger Retro Body Kit

Chrome bumpers, bumper protrusions, headlight fascia liners, and other trim pieces were all available options for the Challenger between the years of ’70 and ’74, and the Rallye Challenger famously sported them all with class and style. Sadly, Dodge hasn’t continued offering these Chrome touches today, and that’s where Retro USA steps in. These bumper pieces are gorgeous and designed to fit the body and curve of the modern Challenger while mimicking the classic look of its first generation ancestor. Each piece has its place and fits perfectly on the vehicle–attaching with 3M automotive tape for an easy installation. They’re definitely beautiful and exciting modification pieces.

Chrome Dodge Challenger Bumper Guard

The technology behind them, which I touched upon earlier, is also undeniably impressive. So much so that the praise lauded upon this new product line at 2011 SEMA was just the beginning. The Retro USA product line also became an Automotive Innovation Award Winner. The award cited Retro USA’s Chrome-Tech products as “having excellent impact resistance and gravelometer performance, fully recyclable, and offering a lustrous chromed surface while eliminating hexavalent chromium chemicals.  The result is a lighter, less costlybumper cover that is more environmentally benign.” This means, ultimately, that these products are not just beautiful, but also high-tech and much more Green than their alternatives which exist on the market today.

Dodge Challenger Classic Bumper

In all, I’m extremely impressed with my complete Challenger kit. I ordered mine from Southern Car Parts, who I tend to always deal with, and received it in a quick and timely manner. In all, for the price and what you get, I give these products–and the complete kit in particular–an A+ grade.

Chrome Dodge Challenger Trim

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