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Smartest Battery Charger In the World?

When it comes to Challenger Parts, just about every Challenger owner gets a battery charger. Battery Chargers have come a long way in the last few years and CTEK is certainly leading the charge. They have recently released a line of battery chargers that they coin “the smartest Battery Chargers in the world”. I have always associated a Battery Charger as something fairly and clunky, nothing that I would want permanently mounted in my car nor would I feel comfortable leaving it connected to my car, boat, or Motorcycle without supervision. The CTEK Battery Charger will completely change the way you look at battery chargers, guaranteed! The CTEK is rugged, outdoor safe, dust and water proof while still maintaining the sleekest and sexiest look I have ever seen in a battery charger.

It can be mounted in the engine compartment as a permanent addition to your car or just used as a temporary solution during the winter months. Either way, you can leave it connected to your battery all the time without the worry of overcharging or damaging the battery. Unlike other battery chargers, the CTEK Charger does not require the car battery to be disconnected from the car prior to use. The CTEK 3300 Battery Charger is perfectly safe to use with your car battery connected to the car. The charger will not damage your vehicles computer or electrical equipment. Once the charger harness is connected to your battery it has quick release clips that allow you to remove and install the charger easily at any time. The charger is spark proof and reverse polarity proof so that you do not have to worry about accidentally connecting it backwards, try that with a traditional battery charger.

The CTEK Battery Charger is 100% automatic, just hook it up and turn it on….It does everything else. You can leave it connected for months and months without any concerns. All CTEK chargers come with a 5 year guarantee and are shock proof, weather proof, dust proof, and certified for outdoor use. For the money (less than $100 bucks) it is the best darn charger I have ever seen and would recommend it for just about any application. I was so impressed with the CTEK charger that I installed the CTEK US3300 in my C6 Corvette Z06 permanently.


The CTEK 3300 is the charger I recommend for all Auto’s, Motorcycles, and ATV’s. It charges them all, with the simplicity of hooking it to the battery and plugging it in, that is it, very simple. CTEK also offer a CTEK lighter adapter, which allows you to use the CTEK3300 charger to charge the battery through the cigarette lighter plug.

People sometimes ask, why should you buy a CTEK battery charger instead of one that costs half as much and looks virtually the same (even the product description is the same)? But this is not the whole truth. CTEK products have a unique system (patented functions) not available in other legal battery chargers that can therefore not offer the same performance. As for “copy cats” or forgeries, it is guaranteed that they will not maintain the same standards as a CTEK charger. It is impossible to use the quality materials, hire qualified engineers that produce the right product composition, maintain an even and fine level of quality control while at the same time keeping the price down. The “copy cat” battery chargers do not meet the standards that CTEK enforces and do not guarantee to be non sparking, reverse-polarity proof, and electronics safe.

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