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Richard Petty Signature Series Challenger

Richard Petty, the NASCAR legend, recently took the Challenger and decided to do with it what other people only dream about. The new Richard Petty Signature Series Challenger, which Petty’s Garage will start producing this year, is a supercharged 600+ HP monster. The Petty Challenger, done up in black with a gorgeous custom black leather interior, sits atop some fantastic looking 20″ wheels. The vehicle also features a Brembo Big Brake kit, a Magna Charger Supercharger with “Shaker”-style hood, Hurst shifter, and other goodies, which all come together to make it one mean machine with a real pride in its classic American muscle car roots.

Petty’s Garage will begin by producing a special run of 43 Petty Signature Series Challengers in Black this year, and will then, after that, begin producing the vehicle in other colors as well down the road. The vehicle was imagined as a way of showing the incredible potential of the Dodge vehicle once it gets in the hands of a dedicated performance shop. This recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, which highlights the Petty Signature Series Challenger, gives a great look at the vehicle as narrated by the likes of Mr. Leno and Mr. Petty themselves. Leno even gets to take the #001 Richard Petty Signature Series Challenger, the first one made and personal vehicle of Richard Petty, out for a spin. Probably most tellingly is that Leno, who has already professed a love for the new Dodge Challenger, likes the Petty Signature Series Challenger even more.

It’s a great looking car with some great chassis, handling, and HP modifications that should really help it get up and go a little more quickly than it already achieves. Even if you’re not a Leno fan or a Richard Petty/NASCAR fan, the video’s worth a watch, because we’re all Challenger fans.

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