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Rebirth of the ‘Cuda

The Cuda, one of our nation’s original muscle cars, may be making a return. This past week Chrysler registered a trademark for the vehicle name “Cuda” with the U.S. Patent and Trade Office, which may not mean anything, but does provide juicy grounds for speculation. Of course, the original ‘Cuda was a Plymouth, but with the knowledge that the Plymouth brand is long dead, and the success of the Challenger, it seems very likely that Dodge will be bringing a second modern muscle car in to the Pony Car challenge to compete with the Camaro and Mustang. It would be a very logical move for them to make, too.

If brought to the marketplace, it could be reasonably assumed that the ‘Cuda would be a more affordable, smaller, and more entry-level brother to the already beloved Challenger. By doing this, Dodge would provide an expanding market with another vehicle, and one that would be more in line with the lowest prices of the smallest Mustangs and Camaros. It would also allow Dodge a chance to address the number one complaint given against the Challenger, in that it is too heavy/bulky a vehicle. There’s definitely room in the market for another pony car, and also room for the Dodge name to grow within the same market, and if the Challenger is any sort of indicator, the ‘Cuda will most likely be a gorgeous looking vehicle, no matter what Dodge does with it.

Who knows, maybe Dodge will revive the ‘Cuda concept they brought to a couple car shows back in 2007? It was a pretty good looking, smaller version of the Challenger at the time!

Dodge Cuda Concept

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