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New SRT8 392 Yellow Jacket Challenger

2012 Dodge Challenger Yellow Jacket

Dodge Brings Back the Yellow Jacket Moniker for a 2012 Performance Focused Special Edition 392 Challenger

In the late 1960’s a new modification and performance movement began at Dodge, and over the next few years the company would roll out a succession of beautiful and powerful race inspired special editions of their automobiles. The Super Bee, The Coronet RT, and the Dart GTS were all released during this few year span, and each captured the hearts and wallets of more than a few automotive enthusiasts. There was, however, one Dodge special edition that stood out from the rest: the Challenger Yellow Jacket.

The original 1970’s Challenger Yellow Jacket, which was built on the Challenger Convertible E-Body platform, was a targa top special show car that captured media attention immediately. While the Yellow Jacket itself never saw a true production run, it’s popularity and influence in the automotive show circuit lead to a number of its features becoming utilized on the production Challenger–in ’71 the Yellow Jacket Front Grille was introduced, and from ’72 to ’74 the rear panels and rear quarter panels were changed to reflect the Yellow Jacket styling. That was it, though. The Yellow Jacket never hit production and became a fabled vehicle.

1970 Dodge Challenger Yellow Jacket

The 1970 Dodge Challenger Yellow Jacket Concept was both beautiful and exciting.

Well, it’s no longer a dream to own a Yellow Jacket. With the rising popularity of the new 392 SRT-8 Challenger, Dodge has decided to revitalize the special edition Yellow Jacket moniker and modeled a new version of it’s SRT Challenger on the classic Yellow Jacket cues, in both style and performance.

The new Yellow Jacket is only available in the new, and gorgeous, attention grabbing yellow coloring with black striping. The looks is distinctively aggressive, and highlights the track and performance focus of the vehicle itself. The wheels are specially made, 20×9″ five-spoke aluminum designs, which also feature black window accents, for a fantastic integration between wheel style and body–something that not enough automotive manufacturers take in to consideration when building special edition models. For me, these custom wheels are the true highlight of the exterior changes. The Yellow Jacket also receives a modified front grille that’s close to the standard one in style, but a little more aggressive with wider spaced diamond pattern. The rear fascia panel also has a few interesting highlight touches to separate it from the standard SRT8 Challenger. The look is finished off with Yellow Jacket specific branding, including gorgeous integration of the Yellow Jacket name in to the vinyl side striping.

2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392

The SRT8 392 Dodge Challenger Yellow Jacket updates the classic Yellow Jacket with modern styling, class and power.

The interior didn’t go untouched, either. The seats are a special edition black leather with yellow stitching and trim to match the exterior. The rest of the cabin is highlighted with small, and tastefully designed, yellow and silver touches as well. These changes are subtle, but, stylish and tasteful, and really help set this special edition Challenger apart from the inside as well as the outside.

SRT Dodge Challenger Yellow Jacket Interior

The seats for the 2012 Dodge Challenger are subtle and gorgeous, with special silver stitching and yellow Yellow Jacket accents.

Of course, this car’s not just about looks, either. The performance of the 392 SRT8 is undeniable. The 470HP/470Torque 6.4L Hemi V8 engine is a monster of a machine that is able to propel the Challenger from 0-to-60 in the 4 second range, and run the quarter mile sub-13 seconds. The Yellow Jacket also features front and rear performance Brembo big brakes, upgraded in size to match the new wheels, that help reign in all of that muscle. The Yellow Jacket will also handle better than previous iterations of the Challenger thanks to a new adaptive suspension system, which features both a standard driving and performance sport mode, and will allow the vehicle to maintain grip at up to .90g on the skid pad. All of is necessary on a car with the size and power of the Challenger SRT8 392, and its full 182mph top-speed capabilities (when outfitted with the 6-speed transmission).

SRT8 392 Hemi Yellow Jacket

The 470HP 392 V8 Hemi Engine in the SRT8 Challenger Yellow Jacket is an absolute work of art.

The Yellow Jacket is just now going on sale, but you’ll have to act fast to pick one up, as there are just 1000 being made–a number of which have already been claimed. We should start seeing this beautiful special edition Challenger hitting showroom floors, and subsequently vast stretches of pavement near you, early next year.

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  1. This is a very nice blog it is well researched and detail oriented I like the videos and all the information submitted in the blog. The challengers is a very stylish and presentable car. I am a sports car person I believe I inherited that from my dad who love sporty cars such as the Ford Mustang an also the Dodge Challenger I think I like all cars with a Hemi and v6 engines My first car was a Ford Thunderbird.

    1. Thank you! Glad to hear you like my work here. Thunderbird was an amazing car, that’s for certain, and a very cool first one to own! Please come back and keep reading our work, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have!

      1. I have had one, yellow jacket for about a month now, had a350z before out, and I am thrilled beyond is everything you write about and more.problem is finding a place to open her up so to speak.
        First thin I did was too install a top of the line anti theft system as this is one desirable car.
        Loved your review

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