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More Spy Photos of the Hellcat Challenger

A New Bevy of Spy Photos Lend Further Credence to the Hellcat Supercharged 392 Challenger Rumors

A few weeks back we reported on the potential for a supercharged SRT8 Challenger to compete with the likes of the GT500 Mustang and Camaro ZL1. Well, it looks like other automotive news sources are getting in on the same rumors now, as more spy shots have emerged of a highly modified test mule Challenger. All of these rumors are based on Dodge’s own comments about producing a Hellcat supercharged variant of their 392 HEMI SRT-8 engine, and it’s looking more and more like an actuality to provide them with a new benchmark vehicle to compete against the Camaro ZL1 and Mustang GT500.


Current rumors, as reported by multiple sources, are quoting the Hellcat’s HP numbers at the high-end of what we stated was the engine’s potential: 600+HP. The Hellcat will feature a large roots-style blower in addition to the already powerful 6.2L 392 SRT-8 engine. It’s looking more and more like this Challenger will become a reality, too, with this new bevy of spy photos.


These images show a Challenger wearing camouflage to cover up its front and rear ends. However, more style changes are expected than what this would be covering–lending to the belief that this vehicle is little more than an engine and drivetrain tester. It’s believed that this current generation Challenger will remain on sale through next year, at which point the next-generation for the vehicle will likely be the first to feature this new “Hellcat” engine. Some have even said that this large and powerful engine will be among the “last hurrahs” for Dodge, before their agreements with Fiat and the changing fuel efficiency regulations in America force them to abandon the larger, and more gas-thirsty, V8 model to find extra HP and performance somewhere else.







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