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MOPAR Gives the SRT8-392 An Official Dyno Run

Over the past few weeks Dodge and MOPAR have been taking their new Challenger SRT8-392 around the country to show it off to Challenger lovers from coast to coast. During this marketing run, they decided to stop by a dyno and see exactly what numbers their Challenger was getting in real-world situations. Of course, this wasn’t the first time the Challenger SRT8 392 has seen a dyno, but this is the first official dyno run by the folks at Dodge.

While these numbers, as posted by Dodge, aren’t as impressive as the dyno numbers that Inside Line posted less than a month ago. When Inside Line dyno’ed their test Challenger, they found it to put out a remarkable 452 wheel horsepower. Those numbers, when you figure in a 15% power loss from drivetrain, mean the vehicle would be putting out a near ludicrous 500+ HP. The dyno numbers from Dodge, while still impressive, are definitely a little more tame than those Inside Line ones, and will probably become the official power numbers for the vehicle. The Mopar SRT8-392 that they’ve been driving around put down 420HP to the wheels.

Now, for the simple math of the situation, let’s assume that the Challenger actually puts out exactly what they’re advertising: 470HP. If that were the case, a standard 15% power loss through the drivetrain would result in 400 wheel horsepower. For the Challenger to put out 420 WHP, the vehicle itself would have to put out about 495 HP, a number well above the published 470, and very impressive indeed. Thus, for Dodge to post official dyno results of 420HP (numbers they’ve now posted on their Dodge and Mopar Facebook pages) means that the new Challenger is putting significantly more power than their actual published numbers. What that means, then, is that where the Camaro was able to adjust their numbers a year later to reflect an extra 5HP, the Challenger has room for increased numbers of up to 25 extra HP! Man, that engine gets more and more impressive with each passing day.

So, whether the SRT8 is dyno’ed at 420HP or 452HP, it’s still getting a lot more HP to the wheels than its 470 HP numbers should indicate, and therefore is either a much more efficient, or much more powerful engine than originally published, and that’s good news! Can’t wait to get behind the wheel of one of those monsters myself, and really feel the extra OOMPH that bad boy has.

Dodge Challenger SRT8 392

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