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Lloyd Challenger Floor Mats

Challenger Lloyds Front floor mats with SRT8 Logo, drivers side

So you just picked up a new Dodge Challenger….The car is spectacular inside and out. The only area that might need a little improvement is in the area right under your feet. You have to admit the stock Dodge Challenger floor mats are a pretty weak excuse for floor mats. They are thin and lack offer nothing special, simply plain thin floor mats that look like they will last about 6 months before falling apart. If you decide to Google the internet for Challenger floor mats, you will find that there is a common theme in with the mats on the market. There a two types of mats, All Weather and Carpeted Challenger floor mats. We want to focus on nice looking carpeted floor mats. If you dig into the carpeted floor mats you will quickly realize that Lloyd Mats is the top manufacturer for carpeted Challenger floor mats. There is a reason for this, they simply own the Challenger Mat market because they make floor mats exciting. They are functional and add another layer of beauty to the car.


Lloyd mats has been in the floor mat business for a long time and they have long been the standard for Corvette owners for years. The Challenger crowd just recently got on board with the Lloyds Mats with the release of the new Challenger in 2008. The first time I saw set of Lloyd Mats in a Challenger was in 2010 at a Car show. They had the SRT8 logo on them and looked stunning. It sounds silly to talk about floor mats this way, but they honestly looked that good. The fitment and just general quality of the mat was super impressive. Of course, the embroidered Challenger logos certainly helps with the appeal also. My point is that most all Challenger owners usually gravitate to the Lloyds Mats at some point in the life of their car. Upgrade now, and you will not regret it.

Dodge Challenger Lloyds Floor Mats, drivers side with Challenger and SRT8 Logo

Lloyds offer two major line of Challenger mats, the Ultimat or Lloyd LUXE line of floor mats. If you compare the Lloyds Mat next to the OEM floor mat you will see the difference as to why you would want to replace the OEM Mat with a Lloyds floor mat as soon as possible. The Ultimat has been the Challenger favorite for years but if you want the absolute best (you pay for it also) go with the LUXE. LUXE is the thickest mat on the market and has a LIFETIME warranty. The Ultimat has a 5 year warranty and is not quit as thick, but still much thicker than factory. All of the Lloyds line of Challenger Floor Mats does utilize the OEM Challenger fastening system, so no concerns with the mats getting bunched up under the brake pedal.

Dodge Challenger Lloyds Floor Mat anchor device up close

Lloyds also offers the Lloyds Challenger Cargo Trunk Mat, again same quality as the floor mats and logo options. The Cargo mat is also a very nice addition to the Challenger and once you add the embroidered logo you will find yourself wanting to pop open the trunk to look in the trunk area more than usual. In all seriousness the Lloyds Trunk Mat does make the cargo area of your Challenger look super nice, not to mention it is also functional and protects your Challenger OEM carpeting for stains and debris.

If you are looking for a great deal on the Lloyds Challenger Floor Mats, checkout (they agreed to let me use their images so I owe them a product plug) they are a Lloyds dealers with excellent customer service and a great price on all Lloyds products. You can find their complete lineup of Lloyds Challenger Floor Mats here





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