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Lingenfelter’s Supercharged Dodge Challenger

John Lingenfelter was a man who enjoyed speed. This is to say, he liked it so much as to take an existing vehicle, some fast from the factory (Corvette) and others not so quick (Cavalier) and make them speed demons. At one point, John Lingenfelter’s NHRA Summit Racing Sport Compact Chevy Cavalier drag car was considered to be the fastest four cylinder in the world. Unfortunately Mr. Lingenfelter is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on through Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE). LPE has had a long standing reputation of building the fastest, most streetable, beautifully engineered cars on the street. The Lingenfelter tradition has stayed with Chevy until just recently when it seems they’ve decided to give MOPAR a shot. The guys at Lingenfelter have not disappointed. For years, we watched as the Corvette got the Lingenfelter treatment, and then the Camaro lately got some love, all the while we watched and patiently waited. The wait is over. The TVS2300 Supercharger kit from LPE as tested on their 2009 SRT8 Hemi 6.1L produced an astounding 590 BHP. This kit is designed to be daily driven, and retain all factory systems and drivability as Lingenfelter is known for. The installed price includes everything from dyno tuning, to a 3 year, 36-month warranty on the supercharger unit, and usually takes about 1 week to install with a pre-scheduled appointment.

Here’s a breakdown of the whole kit/installation:

– TVS2300 intercooled supercharger system
– Black powder coated finish
– Properly sized fuel injectors
– 160 Degree thermostat
– Lingenfelter High Flow air intake
– Professional installation, testing and calibration
– Chassis dyno report before & after installation
– Excellent drivability, highway mileage not adversely affected
– Magnuson 3/36 warranty on supercharger assembly
– Lingenfelter fender badges
– Lingenfelter certificate of authenticity


The total install package price from LPE comes in at $8,995 at the time of this writing, and I can honestly say this is probably going to give the other guys a run for their money. A little while back we wrote about the Challenger kit from Edelbrock that should be coming out very soon, and while we were duly impressed with both, I think both of these kits target two very different markets.

The Edelbrock kit seems to be geared towards the DIY kind of crowd, and the Lingenfelter seems to be geared towards the slightly bigger spenders with the notion of bringing their car to a shop. The Edelbrock kit, however, does not include dyno and tune time, a 3 year warranty, nor does it include professional installation and a name brand like Lingenfelter backing the install up. So, really all in all the differences in price might be negligible when all is said and done. The idea of bringing your car to the Lingenfelter shop however should comfort any doubts you have about this kit. Just remember this is the shop of THE John Lingenfelter. All brand loyalty differences aside; we can all agree that the sound of a supercharged V8 gets everybody’s blood pumping and regardless of which route you decide to embark upon, do your research and have the good sense to keep it under the limit.

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