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Kowalski’s Legendary Challenger Reborn

For those of you old enough to remember the original Vanishing Point (hurts doesn’t it?), not the 1997 remake that was just a thin wannabe to the original. Anything worth remaking was better the first time around. Oceans 11, 3:10 to Yuma, Gone in 60 Seconds, I mean—really, think about it. The idea was great the first time around, no need to rehash a great from the vault. Obviously I’m not a fan of remakes but all critiques aside, ***SPOILER ALERT (To skip ahead begin at next paragraph)*** Kowalski—although he might not have made it, became an iconic star of the cult scene for his role in Vanishing Point. His “too cool for the rules” attitude was just what America needed; right at about the same time the anti-hero was becoming a thing of the silver screen. Easy Rider with Dennis Hopper had come out two years earlier, and Vanishing Point embodied the same existential “walk (or ride, or drive) away from society” feel that was going to become popular—a signature of the late 60’s and early 70’s and the post-Vietnam movement.

Well, as it turns out a Dodge dealer from Pennsylvania named Bob Frederick—the owner of New Wilmington Dodge—loved the movie so much, he recreated Kowalski’s car, a remake if you will. As we discussed, I’m not a fan of remakes but this isn’t half-bad. I personally think they could have added a few more “special touches” to the car, but overall a very nice package. The cars were delivered with successive VIN’s and unfortunately for all of us reading this—only 10 were made, and they all already have homes. The cars are dressed in Bright White sans striping, and are 6-speed manuals complete with the Hurst Pistol grip shifter. All ten are also all SRT-8 392’s, so there’s not a lack of true rumble coming from the Mopar chrome quad exhaust. The output is 470hp/470lb-ft, and has a top speed of 181 miles per hour. They feature dark slate SRT seats, WP3 Alcoa SRT aluminum 20-inch wheels, 730 navigation, and all of the options from the SRT Option Group II. The Challenger also gets a special numbered dash plaque and a custom fender tag mounted in the engine bay, as well as a few Scat Pack bee decals for the quarter windows like the ones used on Dodge’s 1970 performance models. There are also custom decals paying tribute to its specially designated “Kowalski Edition” billing on the rear spoiler and under the hood, and a reproduction Colorado license plate with the same digits as the one found on the car.

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