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J.D. Power Names 2011 Dodge Challenger “Best Midsize Sport Car” in Initial Quality

In a field filled with tough competitors–from the runner-up Chevrolet Camaro, to the popular and sporty Ford Mustang and Nissan 370Z–the Dodge Challenger stood out from the rest of the pack and received rightful and deserved accolades. Based on Initial Quality–a measurement of problems and complaints with new vehicles, per 100 vehicles purchased, stated by their new owners. By use of this metric, and proper polling of vehicle owners, the Challenger elbowed in just ahead of the Chevy Camaro, and seemingly well ahead of the rest of the vehicles in its category. This is a great victory for the Challenger, as sales tend to be well-reflected in comparison to a vehicle’s JD Power IQS rating, as it shows the happiness of drivers and the likelihood they will recommend their vehicle to other potential purchasers.

Of course, while the Challenger scored a big win, Dodge did not. This year they took the rather dubious spot as the lowest brand over-all IQS rating with a 137 (which relates to 137 problems per 100 vehicles sold). This number is surprisingly high when you consider the success of the Challenger and the newly redesigned Dodge Durango, which placed 1st and 2nd in their respective categories. Chrysler scored the best of all of the companies within the brand line with their 110 IQS. The Chrysler 110 rating was good enough for fourth among domestic automotive brands behind Chevrolet (109), GMC (104) and Cadillac (103). The industry average for automotive lines this year was 107. Behind Chrysler were a number of other American automotive companies, including Ram (114), Ford (116, a decrease in quality from their last year numbers), and Jeep (122).

The highest rated over-all company was Lexus, whose 73 IQS was a full 13 points better than second place Honda (86). Those two vehicles lead a surge of foreign automotive makers, who took the first 8 spots in the rankings ahead of 9th place Cadillac.

Ultimately, this is great news for the re-tooled Challenger as it finally scored a very big win against its competitors, again most notably the Camaro who has been pulling in design and satisfaction awards since its initial release. Hopefully, and very possibly considering the rave reviews that the new model year Challenger has received across the board, more awards and accolades of this nature will continue to pour in. I’d love to see a Challenger with its spacious trunk filled with well-earned and well-deserved awards!

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