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Hellcat Challenger Spied Testing Again

More Spy Photos Have Been Captured of the Hellcat Supercharged HEMI V8 Powered Dodge Challenger Prototype


Dodge is having a hard time keeping their new Hellcat HEMI engine underwraps, and, despite their best efforts more spy photos of a Hellcat powered Dodge Challenger have hit the web. This time, one of them even clearly shows the Hellcat’s Supercharger inside of the Challenger’s engine bay.


The Hellcat is expected to, ultimately, be Dodge’s answer to the ultra high HP GT500 and ZL1 (and now Z/28) variations on their competitor’s cars. Those cars have, at the least, 30+ hp more in their engine bays than the highest power iteration Challenger–the 392 SRT8–offers with its 470hp 6.4L V8. And while there’s nothing wrong with 470hp, it has been a common knock on the Challenger line.


Various rumors have placed the Challenger Hellcat’s potential power in the 600-640 hp and higher range, but the 570-600 hp expectation seems the most reasonable. The new images not only showcase the Challenger itself, but the new Supercharger is also clearly visible in one of them. This is, short of an official statement from Dodge, the best guarantee that we’ll get that the Hellcat is an actuality moving forward.


Now we just have to play the waiting game to see exactly what the Hellcat’s final power and performance numbers will be. The other question remains, too, if the Hellcat powered Challenger will become a new highest tier offering, or if the Hellcat will replace the SRT8 392.

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