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Hear a 1200HP Craven Challenger

Craven Motorsports Has Constructed a Drag Strip Monster 1200HP 572 Challenger

For most people, the 6.4L 470HP SRT-8 Dodge Challenger is more than enough car, but, the guys over at Craven Motorsports clearly aren’t most people. They’ve taken an SRT-8 and given it a very powerful and very custom drag-race build. The new Craven Challenger now features a 572 (that’s 9.4L) Hemi-powered V8 engine. To get extra power out of this monster engine, Craven then outfitted it with a humongous 10-71 supercharger. The end result is a car with a HP rating right around 1200.

Exact numbers aren’t yet known, but, Craven should be releasing them soon (once they find a Dyno that can handle this much power). All of this incredible horsepower is delivered to the ground through a highly modified transmission, and a pair of very very large drag racing rear wheels at the rear. I can’t wait for videos of this car dragging its wheelie bar down a black tarmac strip and the numbers that will coincide with this much power and such a perfect drag race stance.

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