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Dodge Recalls 4,459 2013 V6 Challengers Due to Potential Fire Hazard

Dodge Kindly Requests You Not Drive Your New Challenger

4,459 2013 V6 Challengers are placed under full recall as a faulty wiring harness can potentially lead to vehicle fires.

The Chrysler Group issued a full recall today–a very rare occurrence. The full recall is going in to effect immediately and will cover all 4,459 V6 Challengers built during an eight-week period ending Jan. 24, 2013.. What makes this recall especially unique is the added advice given by Dodge to these vehicle owners: don’t drive your car.

That’s right, Dodge is currently telling almost 5000 of its newest customers not to drive their brand new Challengers. Dodge is even taking this warning a step further: don’t park your car “in or near any structure”. That’s right. Don’t drive your car or park it near your home, because this could be very bad.

If you’re one of the Challenger owners that this effects, contact your dealership immediately. They’ll handle getting your vehicle to their location and changing out this potentially faulty wiring harness.

“Customers who are uncertain if they are affected should take the above precautions and inquire with their dealers,” said a statement from the Chrysler Group.


In a major kudos to Chrysler and Dodge, they have been very proactive with this recall. The Challenger Forums today have been busy with reports from new owners who have been called directly by Dodge to set up their recall. Normally, major full recalls are catastrophic to a company’s sales and reputation in the months–and sometimes years–that follow. Dodge’s swift and complete movement to tackle this issue head on and their proactive approach seem like they’ll result in Dodge avoiding any sort of major windfall from this event. For me–and I admit I’m biased as a Dodge fan–this action has even had me a bit impressed.

There have been no reports of any injuries or serious damages occurring to customers as result of the faulty wiring harness yet. It appears Dodge recognized their problem before it became a problem.

For those who are having their vehicles recalled loaner cars will be provided, free of charge, until repairs are complete, the company said. If I were one of these Challenger drivers, I’d try and convince them to let me borrow an R/T or SRT8 for those few days of repairs.

What do you think? If you were a potential Challenger customer, would this recall effect your likelihood to purchase? Does it hurt your opinion of Dodge?

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