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Dodge Proves that Less is More with the Challenger SRT Core

A Stripped Down Version of the Challenger SRT is the Perfect Combination of Spartan and Exceptional

470hp and 470lb-ft of torque from a Hemi V8 fitted inside of a 4-seater coupe, all wrapped up in a beautiful and stylistic body, and priced at under $40k. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

If you’re okay living without some of the creature comforts, that car could be yours. The new Dodge Core line–which includes their SRT8 Challenger, as well as the Challenger Super Bee SRT8 and Chrysler 300 SRT8–understands that many people want the car without the standard extras, and gives it to them at some of the best pricing imaginable.


The Dodge Challenger SRT8 Core edition takes the standard SRT8 and deletes such luxuries as: leather upholstery, adaptive suspension, and front fog lamps while also swapping forged wheels for uniquely-designed cast ones and replacing HID headlamps for halogen. In addition to these changes, the front grill surround and the rear trunklid spoiler have been left flat black, and the vehicle’s SRT8 392 badges have been replaced with more toned-down, black, “392” emblems.


By removing these luxury items, Dodge has created what may be its perfect car. The SRT8 Core still offers a number of features–chief among those Challenger styling and a powerful HEMI engine–but it also boils the vehicle down to its more core soul. The end result is a Challenger that weighs a little bit less than its brethren and costs a lot less.


We’re excited to see Dodge offering up such a spartan iteration of their beloved Challenger, and expect these special models to sell incredibly well due to their even more buyer friendly price point and fantastic looks. The small exterior visual touches also set the car apart–and look wonderful if not understated. I think this is a great business move by Dodge, and can’t wait to check out how one of these boiled down Dodges feels behind the wheel.


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