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Dodge Challenger V6 Gets a Redline Facelift for 2012

Dodge Has Unveiled a Sportier V6 Challenger Rallye Redline for 2012

Matching their competitors performance package V6 offerings, Dodge is bringing a Rallye Redline Performance V6 to showrooms in 2012

Responding to calls that a Challenger without a Hemi was a pedestrian offering, Dodge has stepped up the performance on their impressive LSX Challenger model line for 2012 with the offering a Challenger Rallye Redline performance package. This new package will bring improved performance, handling, and sportier looks to the V6 Challenger for 2012 and help the LSX Challenger compete more directly with performance V6 offering from Ford and Chevrolet.

Challenger Rallye Redline

Sticking with the basic set-up of the Challenger SXT Plus, the Rallye Redline package is designed to take the same V6 3.6L Pentastar engine and 5-speed automatic transmission and add performance enhancements to it that set it apart from the rest of the V6 Challenger pack. These advancements in technology begin with a factory designed and mounted cold air intake and new performance exhaust which should help with air flow in to engine and provide a bump to 305 HP and 268 pounds of torque at peak RPMs. These numbers surpass the performance numbers on all other Pentastar equipped vehicles. This new power is attained through the shift pattern with help of a newly tuned transmission which offers a final drive ratio of 2.65:1 that helps realize quicker acceleration and increased fuel efficiency. Realizing also that raw power numbers alone weren’t enough, Dodge also set to improving handling for the Rallye Redline Challenger as well.

V6 Dodge Challenger Performance Package

These handling gains are provided to the vehicle through the installation of the Super Sport Group suspension package. This package features stiffer and higher rate sway bars and a firmer suspension set-up on front and back that result in a snappier steering. This extra power and suspension performance in reigned in on the back end by the addition of increased brake performance–the front is equipped with larger diameter rotors for extra brake grip, and the rear now features vented brake rotors for improved heat dispersion under high stress braking conditions. In conjunction with the new, larger wheels–the previously utilizes 18 x 7.5 inch wheels have been replaced with RT inspired 20 x 8 inch models–the new Challenger V6 Rallye Redline provides extra performance and the grip, braking, and handling that will inspire greater confidence in the driver wielding their Challenger’s extra ponies.

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Visually, the Rallye Redline Challenger also features some aggressive, race inspired styling. The new suspension provides a slightly lowered center of gravity, and the red accent striping on black is the sort of color combination certain to strike fear in many an opposing racer’s hearts. These visual pieces come together to make the Rallye Redline the sort of vehicle that looks immediately at home on either a track or showroom floor.

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As with other Challengers, the Rallye Redline V6 still maintains an air of class and dignity to the driver sitting inside. The same luxury touches that are standard on the Challenger SXT Plus can be seen here as well: leather seats with front seat heaters, Dodge’s proprietary UConnect phone and iPod connectivity, a 276-watt Boston Acoustics stereo system, and an automatic climate control system. All of these components come together to take the price of the Rallye Redline Challenger up $1750 over the sticker on the Challenger SXT Plus and place it a final MSRP cost of $29,670 when it goes on sale this April.

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This cost however places the Challenger in an almost identical price range as its Hemi V8 powered RT big brother, which brings the car-buyer left with this difficult question: do they spend nearly $30,000 on a performance package and fully loaded V6, or toss down an extra $1250 to purchase the 375 horsepower and 410 lb-ft torque R/T model, albeit one with fewer amenities. The final decision comes down to value of luxury versus performance for the buyer, and places the Rallye Redline V6 Challenger in an awkward place.

Rallye Redline Challenger

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