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Dodge Challenger To Receive Significant Update

Comments at the Detroit Auto Show Provide Official Confirmation of a Challenger Update

Speaking at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show Dodge Head of Design, Ralph Gilles, and Chrysler CEO, Sergio Marchionne, both made official statements promising an update in the Challenger’s future

Journalists at the Detroit Motor Show with an interest in the Chrysler owned Dodge line were given quiet a gift when not one but two of the company’s highest ranking members made comments officially declaring an update in the works for the Dodge Challenger. The first of these sets of comments came from Fiat and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne who, just a few months ago, posited that changes to CAFE laws and restrictions would spell the end of the Challenger vehicle line.

In response to his own statement, as well as those others who may feel that the “Challenger is going to die and go away”, Marchionne went on record to say of the premiere American muscle car entry from Dodge that the Challenger was a special vehicle which had served Dodge and its owners well, and that Challenger “enthusiasts won’t be disappointed” by the vehicle’s upcoming update. This much needed revamping will place the Challenger in line with its direct competition, the Mustang and Camaro who outpace its sales in their competitive market niche, who are receiving complete revamps in the years to come.

At the Detroit Motor Show Ralph Gilles–President and CEO of the SRT Brand and Senior Vice President of Design at Chrysler Group LLC–divulged a little more information than his CEO chose to. Gilles confirmed the vehicle’s update and went so far to say of the Challenger that it has ” the oldest interior of the whole group; the electronics are the oldest in the group. There’s a lot of potential – I’ll leave it at that.” These statements seem to indicate a move forwards in technology both for performance as well as luxury when the next generation Challenger is released, and a focus on implementation of newer breakthroughs in vehicle design in the vehicle’s revamping.

All of this of course just provides official backing to the previous rumors upon which we’ve reported that Dodge was in the works on a new Challenger, designed and developed upon a smaller and lighter vehicle chassis. Those prior rumors also placed the vehicle’s unveil date inside of 2015, so expect more news and information to be leaked as we get closer to that date.

What do you think? What would you most like to see implemented in the next generation Dodge Challenger? Do you think a technological focus is the key to the vehicle’s taking a dominant place within the future muscle car segment?

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  1. It needs to be more race ready and something you would like to tackles corners more. The wide front end doesn’t allow you to feel like you are in a racecare like you do in the other muscle cars. When switching lanes between cars or turning into parking spaces, I always feel like I’m going to scrape other cars.

    1. I agree completely, but, also worry that narrowing the vehicle too much will result in a loss of style. As it stands, the Challenger is far and away the most attractive of the American Pony Cars being made, and retaining the beauty and classic charm will be key to this redesign. The smaller and lighter platform they’re be using will be the first step to that, but, the worry is “at what cost?”.

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