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Dodge Challenger Sales Continue to Trend Upwards

As Mustang and Camaro Sales Falter, the Dodge Challenger Continues to see a Rise in Popularity as It Ages

The Challenger is still the third-place finisher in the pony car sales battle, but, trends over the last two years have shown something surprising: it is becoming more coveted than before, while the Camaro and Mustang have continually lost customers. The Challenger saw a rise in sales over August of last year by 22%, a number which brings their year to date sales up to 38,645. This equates to a change from September of 2012 to September of 2013 of 27.2% sales increase. In that same time, the Chevrolet Camaro has seen a 6.5% sales decrease. The Ford Mustang has languished even more with a drop of 12.2% in that same time period.

What this indicates–and the numbers have played out this way for almost two full years now–is that while the initial excitement over the Mustang and Camaro has waned, the Challenger has only grown more beloved in the consumer’s eyes. The end result will be a car that is equally as iconic, if not more so even, than its competitors decades from now thanks in large part to its ability to remain exciting as it ages. This is most certainly a statistic which can be chalked up to its stylistic design, which is the most classic and iconic of the three vehicles.

Of course, even with these steady raises in sales numbers, the Challenger is still the worst-selling of the three mentioned vehicles. In its lifetime, Dodge has delivered 175, 542 Challengers. That number is less than half the 374,563 Camaros sold, and well below the 338,672 Mustangs delivered.

With new models coming in the next few years for all three of these vehicles, this battle will continue on for years to come–each of the pony cars competing not just on the track but also in the showrooms. Dodge has definitely done a lot right with the Challenger so far, and looks to have built up a great deal of momentum moving forward. Hopefully they can maintain this momentum as they develop and release the next generation Challenger and Cuda, and compete with the new offerings from Ford and Camaro in the future.

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