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Curb Alert for the Challenger

We’ve all been there- you’re pulling into the parking space, feeling good about the day, and that terrible sound and feeling of plastic on concrete hits. It’s a terrible sound and a ruined day- especially if you had a $900 carbon fiber front splitter. That front splitter might now have a nice crack in it, or the lip that used to be on the chin of your bumper is now dangling- attached by one side like some kind of prop out of Mad Max. The reality is, the front valances on cars are notorious for finding their way onto the tops of parking space dividers. If the initial impact wasn’t enough, therein lies another problem- getting off the curb. There’s a 50/50 chance that your bumper/valance/splitter has found its way onto the top and “hooked” itself onto the concrete. When you throw it into reverse, the chances of the concrete holding your front end hostage are high- and when this happens, you’ll be looking at your front end laying on the pavement in front of your car… not attached. Not where you want to be.

Never fear, we have a solution. The Curb Alert uses an infrared signal to detect exactly how far away the curb is from the front of your vehicle. You can program the three small beeps to go off from anywhere between 8″ and 28″ from the curb. This means, when you’re pulling into that spot, you can rest assured that you’re going to pull in just far enough every time. No guess work, no inching and creeping until that dreaded sound of impacting plastic on concrete. The Curb Alert is an easy to install- no drilling- compact infrared sensor that attaches discreetly onto the underside of your front bumper. The three audible tones inside the cabin that are emitted can be set to three different sound settings- high, low or completely muted. The install takes about 30-45 minutes with basic hand tools and is completely removable when and if removal is ever needed. The next cool thing about the install is that it runs on the same power that your ignition is based on, so if you’re car is off, then the curb alert is off—meaning there is no battery drain.

Our Challengers are notorious for having issues with the front end and meeting nose to nose with the unforgiving concrete of the parking barrier. The long nose our Challenger possess make for a difficult gauge when parking and this little guy takes the guesswork out of the entire process. And with this puppy coming in right at around $160-$170, it’s well worth it the first time it prevents a nasty concrete rash on the underside of your nose for your new Challenger.

Challenger Curb Alert

Oh, did I mention this awesome little device will work on any car that is vulnerable to curb rash? Not specific to the Challenger at all….I will work on any vehicle that might need some level of vaccination from the common curb 😉

We installed our Curb Alert on our 2010 SRT 8 and decided to put it in the front lip spoiler where the brake duct cooling vent is. Fit perfectly and blends in very nicely. Of course you could mount in underneath, but then might be it ripped off by a friendly piece of highway retread or road kill…

Curb Alert on a 2010 SRT8

Challenger Curb Alert


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