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CPX Foilers for the Camaro and Challenger

Whether your new old-school ride needs a bit of a facelift or you intend on tracking the beast and want some improved aerodynamics for a better handling ride and more efficiently designed car; the guys over at CPX have just the thing. They’re called “Dodge Challenger Foilers” and attach at the base of the front air dam and add not only a subtle amount of aggressiveness, but an added degree of aerodynamics. CPX also produces rear Dodge Challenger Foilers that mount just in front of the rear wheels for more of an added throwback to the old-school look to aerodynamics, adding yet again to the cars appearance while reducing the drag coefficient. Yet, far from the old school mounting methods, CPX has opted for the space age technology of 3M using their automotive mounting tape. I know some of you are thinking, “Tape? Really? Somebody’s just saving a few bucks…” But I can personally attest to the strength of 3M’s automotive tape on the use of race and street applications. I used the same tape to mount numerous things to a car or motorcycle (spoilers to rear seat deletes on the motorcycle) and it has withstood full force 140 MPH winds. If it’s not separating at those speeds, I’m pretty sure the strength of this tape is plenty enough for any street or race application for our cars. They offer the foilers in color matched urethane, or an even sexier carbon fiber. Tom Henry Racing, or THR as they have become known, has used these on their 2011 THR SS Camaro’s. These guys are a group that spares no expense in building top notch show-and-go cars. Cars that look as good as they go, and with an attention to detail second to none, if it’s good enough for them I think that says a lot. So, keep these little wings of war in mind as you look at that stock front end and realize that just a little bit more would go a long way.

Camaro CPX FoilersChallenger CPX Foilers

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