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Corvette C7 vs Challenger Hellcat

Dodge Challenger Hellcat races Corvette C7If you are an American Muscle Car fan you gotta checkout the Yahoo/Motoramic video of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat vs a 2015 C7 Corvette. Great video, the Hellcat wins BUT they do caveat it with the Hellcat needs “finesse” to keep the tires planted on the ground. They also mention that if the race was not in a straight line that the Hellcat might be at a little bit of a disadvantage. Personally, I do not care who wins. Both cars are outstanding vehicles but gotta hand it to Dodge for breaking the 700hp mark with the Challenger. I owned a 2010 SRT8 and although I loved the car, the power to weight ratio just left me feeling kind of empty. The car did not throw me back in my seat like some other sports cars I have ridden in. The Challenger Hellcat is one Hell of a beast and is just a menacing looking vehicle that I can only hope to own someday. I think the Hellcat will satisfy that little extra need of power I think the original Challenger SRT8 lacked.

The full Yahoo/Morotamic article is here

The Hellcat sports a supercharged 6.2L engine with 707 hp. It is 100 percent muscle car, no doubt about it and I look forward to adding one to my garage someday. I will not purchase one until dealers are selling them at MSRP. Call me old fashion but I just cannot let myself pay more than MSRP for a vehicle no matter how bad I want it.

Anyway, checkout the video….The Hellcat sounds extremely menacing….


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