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Challenger SRT8 Flexes Muscles at SEMA

Thew new 392 SRT8 Challenger will be an absolute beast, there’s no denying that. With 470HP and 470Torque, it’s the sort of vehicle that will throw a person hard enough in to their seats to potentially liquify their brains. Ok, sure, I’m exaggerating a little bit, but the car’s an absolute beast. Dodge knew what a monster they had on their hands, also, and capitalized on the press the vehicle has been getting by officially unveiling it at SEMA, and thanks to Youtube, we can all see the unveiling! Highlighting both the interior and exterior, this short video (thank you whoever shared it with the rest of us) provides us with a front-row viewing of the unveiling.

In addition to the mind-melting Challenger, the video also provides some highlights from the Dodge/Mopar unveiling of the new Redline Charger (which looks better than its predecessor but still has that ugly ugly ugly crosshair grill upfront) and a new Durango (woo.). The video’s a pretty interesting bit, and definitely worth a watch, so check it out and begin saving up all your spare change so you can get yourself a shiny new SRT8 392 when it releases. (If you actually do want to get a SRT8 392 Challenger, bear in mind that only 1,492 of them are being sold at a $42,555 each).

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