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Challenger Pentastar V6 MPG Ratings Tested

MotorTrend recently took the Pentastar V6 and decided to, since other people have tested its horsepower and performance capabilities, give it a more practical test of its abilities. To do this, they tracked the amount of Gas that the vehicle consumed, then crossed those numbers with the number of miles driven and the breakdown of percentage of which of those miles were spent on the highway and which were on city streets. The tests produced some very positive results in comparison to the Pentastar V6’s EPA Estimated numbers, which sit at 18 city/27 highway mpg. Those numbers are great for a vehicle with the power and the weight of the Challenger, and the numbers that MotorTrend found with their tests put those right in line as being correct. MotorTrend’s findings were:

Leg 1: 252.1 miles – 12.544 gallons consumed – 20.10 mpg (70% city/30% highway)
Leg 2: 396.1 miles – 16.668 gallons consumed – 23.76 mpg (10% city/90% highway)
Leg 3: 403.2 miles – 16.073 gallons consumed – 25.10 mpg (10% city/90% highway)
Leg 4: 191.1 miles – 9.878 gallons consumed – 19.35 mpg (70% city/30% highway)

Total: 1242.5 miles – 55.163 gallons consumed – 22.52 mpg (31% city/69% highway)

These numbers were achieved under calm, collected, standard driving. No racing or hard-running was done (or, at least, minimal racing and hard-driving,  because who can honestly refrain from opening up a Challenger every once in a while?). The conditions were variable for the tests as well. The car subjected to various temperatures, as well as both wet and dry conditions, to try and get a more standard equalized number. Elevation also ranged from sea level to 4000 feet. What these conditions show, then, is that EPA estimates are right on target (if not a little low), and the Pentastar V6 provides both the extra power and mpg numbers that Dodge has promised.

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