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Challenger October Sales Numbers

Well, Dodge is definitely doing something right, as the Challenger (which had been, sadly, mired behind the Mustang and Camaro in sales for some time) is quickly making up ground on its two closest rivals. The Dodge marketing and buzz has been buoyed of late by the press the vehicle has been garnering thanks to its announced future power-plants. Of course, telling people a vehicle will be stronger and more efficient in the future doesn’t normally equate to them buying one today, but that notion’s turned on its head this month. In October, based on comparison to last year’s sales numbers, the Challenger saw a 33% sales increase! 33%!

That 33% increase equates to 3182 Challengers being sold this month, the third highest total of the entire year. Up a small bit from last month’s 3138, the Challenger’s sales seem to be staying at a very healthy level right now. Considering that last year saw 2 months with under 1000 Challengers sold, and a few months at just over 1000 also, the numbers from this year are great news for both Challenger lovers and Dodge alike.

Units sold in October, 2010: 3138

Units sold in October, 2009: 2398

Year to date Challenger sales: 30, 964

Camaros sold in October, 2010 / October, 2009: 5,013 / 8,082

Mustangs sold in October, 2010 / October, 2009: 5,317 / 4,309

So, it looks like Challenger is quickly closing the gap between itself and its competitors, and that gap will almost certainly be non-existant once the next model year of Challengers hits dealers across the country.

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