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Dodge Challenger Hellcat-totaled in less than 60 minutes

We aren’t blaming the poor guy that just totaled his brand new Dodge Challenger Hell Cat, but we certainly do feel bad for him and wonder how he could have let this happen. According to reports a Colorado resident just took delivery of his shiny new Green Dodge Challenger Hellcat and totaled the car in less than 1 hour!

Wrecked green dodge challenger hellcat

It would seem the new owner was a bit too excited to try out his new 707HP toy! From reports that we’ve read, he was on a Colorado highway and somehow slide off the road and hit a tree….and hit that tree really hard. So instead of driving that new Hellcat to it’s new home in his garage, it’s heading straight to the scrap yard. What a shame. This makes us sick, we can’t imagine the pain he is going through emotionally. We hope he was not hurt physically.

The new Challenger Hellcat comes with two different key fobs. Depending on the key fob you decide to use you will get either 500HP or 707HP. The black key is for the weak hearts that only want a measly 500HP under their right foot. For those trill seekers you can stick the red bog into the ignition and watch as all hell breaks loose. We do not know if this Challenger owner was utilizing the black fob or the red fob.

We certainly hope we don’t see many more reports like this. Let’s us be just a little more careful on the roads, even if we aren’t driving a Hellcat.

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  1. The main concern I have with the Challenger/Charger Hellcat is this very situation. 99 percent of drivers have no idea of what 700 h/p really is, therefore do not respect the car’s potential. Having owned a “street legal” Firebird which ran 10.30’s on the motor, I understand the need to respect this car. One day I hope to own one of these gorgeous cars. Have a nice day .

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