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Challenger Drag Pak

I’m going to paint a mental picture for you. You’re dreaming of your Challenger. You’re admiring the curves and the years it took for Dodge to arrive at its present state. You’re ready to hop in and crank it up to hear the distinctly recognizable rumble from the belly of this beast. But something is wrong. You walk around this Challenger, and notice that it’s got an aggressive stance—and drag radials to boot. Suddenly you realize you’re not in your garage anymore either. You wonder: how can this be? But something else inside of you isn’t worried at all—it’s excited. You open the driver’s side door, only to be greeted by the door bar of your roll cage, and as you slide into the wonderfully supportive hug of the race seat and close your door, you fasten your 6-point harness. You look behind you, and realize the rear seat has been deleted. And it dawns on you, that this is your chance to shine. You’ve got something to prove in this machine. Someone is counting on you, and suddenly things are very urgent.

Your palms are sweating with anticipation.

You close the door, after fastening the chin strap on your helmet. You fasten your window net. This is it. No turning back now, and the anticipation grows. You reach for the key and give it a crank. All of a sudden the familiar rumble you were expecting has been replaced by a fire breathing bark from an unknown beast. This has 10 cylinders. Five hundred and twelve cubic inches of devilish snarl and hiss as you let the engine settle into its rhythm like the pounding of angry tribal drums. You feel your heart begin to pound a little bit harder. You look at your tachometer and realize every gauge on your dash is emblazoned with a Mopar logo. This has to be the best dream you’ve ever had. You reach for the shifter only to discover your 6-speed is gone, replaced with only two speeds now as you hand grips the competition shifter. The cold metal of the shifter is vibrating with the motion of the motor, and you can feel the beast trembling with anticipation and power while it warms up. You can feel it in your hand, all the way up to your shoulder. It shakes your body down to the soul, to the point that you can’t tell if it’s you or the car that’s shaking with anticipation.

This is it. There is something you had to prove here, but you’re dreaming and you can’t quite put your finger on what it was. Somebody was counting on you. Why? What were they waiting for?? You try to remember and it begins to come to you, but something distracts you again…

To your left there’s a Fox Body mustang lighting tires up, and it sounds mean. Like it’s got a beast of a crate motor. Maybe even supercharged. The car is all black. Wheels, limo tint, huge cowl hood, some kind of straight through exhaust and it’s LOUD. Then it dawns on you- you need to heat up your tires, and so you kick it—and boy does it kick. This thing is powerful. It’s light too, this is no ordinary Dodge—and you’re excited! But you don’t smile, the driver in the other lane looks at you with an all black helmet and smoked visor that you swear you could see two red eyes glaring at you. He gives you a thumbs-down. And then you remember: this is what you had to prove. You’re here to beat the pants off that Mustang. Your heart pounds, and your brow begins to sweat. Your racing suit is hot, your adrenaline pounds, and you shake with the rhythm of the car. The helmet on your head reminds you this is no joke as you grip the shifter. Line-locked and ready to go, you glance at the tree. You’re staged and ready to go.

Your heart pounds inside your chest.


Amber. You raise the throttle…

Amber. You see the end of the smooth track a quarter mile away…

Amber. You and the car are a steel trap waiting to explode down the track…


Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep!

Your alarm has been going off for twenty minutes, and you’re late for work. You awake with a smile on your face feeling victorious, but have no way of knowing… or do you?

The Mopar Challenger Drag Pak created by the Teuton family in Houma, Louisiana has been ripping up the drag strips for an impressive standing this season. As of right now, the Dodge Mopar Drag Pak has officially been released to the public for a factory turn-key race car for the first time in over 40 years. Dodge turned to the Teuton’s to help put together what would eventually be the Drag Pak, and over the last year or so they’ve been incredibly successful. The 8.4L car that Dodge originally gave the Teutons to modify is currently ranked number one in the NHRA Stock Eliminator class. It has run a 9.44 at 144 mph in the quarter mile (the fastest time in all 52 classes of Stock Eliminator) and Dodge has been so impressed with the results of what the Teutons have put together that they’ve copied exactly what they created and have now put it into production. The package that has resulted is called the Dodge Challenger Drag Pak, and 70 of these will be built to these specifications.

The MSRP for these pups is $85,512—which considering the car is a straight turnkey race car from Mopar and is built to the hills cranking out just over 800 horsepower; it’s a pretty hot deal. If you want to cut to the chase; here’s the spec sheet from Mopar:

2011 Mopar Challenger V-10 Drag Pak Highlights

• Identification plate with unique serial number sequence

• Primed and painted body, color options available

• 512 cid V-10 engine

• Unique engine calibration

• 2-speed automatic transmission with shift assembly and built-in roll control

• Special body-in-white modified for drag racing

o No windshield wiper assembly

o No HVAC system (includes block o! plates)

o No rear seats

o No power-steering system

o No underbody heat shields

o Complete fuel cell assembly

o Race headers with collectors

o Modified tunnel for transmission clearance and one-piece drive shaft

o Raised floor above differential for solid-axle conversion clearance

• Polycarbonate door windows

• Smart-glass door window system

• Solid engine mounts

• Mopar solid rear axle

• Lightweight seats to accommodate 6-point harness

• Special modified K-member with drop-out crossmember

• Lightweight drag-race only front brake assembly

• Manual rack-and-pinion steering

• Front chin spoiler

• Lightweight cooling module with electric fan

• Lightweight instrument panel assembly

• Special cable-operated decklid release

• Special cable-operated throttle pedal and linkage

• Race-style wheels and tires


Some sounds from SEMA 2010, and pictures to whet your appetite…

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