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Carbon By Design’s Dodge Challenger Spoiler

Challenger Carbon Fiber SpoilerIn the automotive world, once every now and then, there is a company that rises above the rest and succeeds as a genuinely solid, knowledgeable, and overall well-grounded business. This is a company that succeeds on all sides of the business equation: delivering excellent products at excellent prices. In the world of carbon fiber engineering the company that is rising quickly to the top of that ladder is Carbon By Design (CBD). When it comes to the world of engineering and carbon fiber design and creation, there are a lot of ins and outs and what-have-you’s that go into an operation of that degree of sophistication. But when it comes to quality of workmanship and overall design, these guys have it in spades. When you begin to understand the significance of the fact that this company has at one time or other had contracts with heavy hitters to the tune of NASA, the Department of Defense, the FAA, the USAF, Boeing, Lockheed Martin…and this is just the tip of the iceberg. When a company like this decides to break into the automotive scene you would do well to take notice.

Dodge Challenger Carbon Fiber Spoiler So between their many qualifications and years of expertise in engineering, one might say that they are more than qualified to create the likes of a rear deck lid, or a lip spoiler for just about anything short of a Formula One car. But thankfully these fine individuals have chosen to add items for our much beloved Challengers to their repertoire of impressive designs.

But hold your applause.

These guys have been earning a reputation among the carbon fiber employing car scene for producing a product that uses premium resin, first-rate weave, and excellent resilience to sun fade or cracking…unlike so many of their competitors. For us Challenger-loving folks they have a couple of fine options. Other than producing a Carbon Fiber hood and trunk, along with numerous other tasty tidbits and accents in the incredible dark weave, the pieces we’re focused on are the two different spoilers that they offer for the 08+ Challenger. These two spoilers add not only a custom look to the already aggressive lines of the Challenger, but add some functional downforce to the rear end for higher speeds — keeping the rear tires planted firmly on the tarmac. These spoilers are exceptional in every way: make, coating, and design. When you have great engineers, behind a great material, you end up with a great product.

The Challenger Carbon Fiber Competition spoiler has a steep, aggressive look to it, and has a price tag to the tune of $399.99 on the Carbon By Design website. As you can see below, the spoiler is a couple of inches taller than stock, and fills out the rear end quite nicely. The steep angle of the spoiler is more obvious when seen from the rear. In my opinion, this is one of the cleanest looking spoilers that I’ve come across. The OEM Carbon Fiber Challenger Spoiler replacement is quite nice as well, but seems to be just that — a carbon fiber OEM replacement. If you’re going to drop the dough on a carbon spoiler, why not drop it on one that draws some attention to itself? The OEM replacement runs just a penny shy of $300. In both of these designs, there is a fiberglass version available as well for a Benjamin less…but then again, you miss the beauty of the magical dark weave…

Whether you’re looking for the aggressive “I eat your Mustang for breakfast” visual aesthetic, or the more subtle OEM look with a tasteful helping of classy flair, these guys have you covered. All in all, it’s a pretty safe assumption that that either way this pair of carbon beauties won’t leave you disappointed.

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