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Borla ATAK Exhaust for the Dodge Challenger RT

Video: Borla ATAK Exhaust Installed on 2012 Dodge Challenger RT

Great video of the popular Borla ATAK exhaust installed on a 2012 Dodge Challenger RT hits YouTube.

Getting a quality sound bite of an exhaust is always tricky. If the exhaust manufacturer doesn’t make one themselves, trolling through YouTube for an appropriate quality one can be a tiresome effort. So many people use handycams with inferior microphones, or, worse–cell phone cameras–to capture their exhaust once they’ve installed it and up until now there hadn’t been a solid video or sound clip of the Borla ATAK installed on the Challenger RT. Thankfully, the guys at Southern Car Parts did one and posted it up, and the thing sounds great. It’s right in line with the tone of the exhaust in person–only, it sounds better in person.

For those who don’t know, the Challenger RT Borla ATAK exhaust is the new premiere exhaust from Borla. Manufactured using their patented Acoustic Tuned Applied Kinetic technology, the ATAK Exhaust system is specifically tuned to complement the exhaust notes of the Challenger engine. This results in a powerful and aggressive exhaust tone, reminiscent of professional race cars on autocross and FIAA tracks, that crescendos up through the entire RPM band to a powerful and aggressive scream.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a great video for you. It has both the deep growl you’d expect from the Dodge 5.7L HEMI engine beneath the hood, as well as a true race-inspired exhaust tone that no other system can match.

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