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Blendmount Radar Detector Mount for Dodge Challenger

We’re all familiar with our cars, and how fast they CAN go. I’m not saying we all drive well above the posted speed limit but when your right foot feels a little heavy some added precaution goes a long way. There’s an old saying in the car world that has sort of a double meaning, “Speed costs money—how fast do you want to go?” This not only applies to the exorbitant amount of money we could spend on our cars to get the results we desire, but it also applies to the risk you run when you drive, shall we say, less than how Johnny Law would like you to in your car. A speeding ticket not only costs you up front, but on the back end as well with higher insurance, etc. So, keeping that risk in mind—you can safely assess that if you speed, chances are you’ll get tagged. So, you bought some peace of mind and snagged a top of the line radar detector.

Good call.

Now you have to mount that sucker so it stays put. Good luck. Many have tried, and many have failed and felt the pangs of frustration with the use of a suction cup mounting system. It never fails, eventually it will fall off. And if you bought a $300-$500 dollar radar detector, then the last thing you want to have happen is for it to come crashing down onto the dash, and then try and fool with getting it to re stick to your windshield while you’re cruising down the road. Not cool. Not surprisingly, more than a few have attempted to come up with a solution. I’ve seen everything from superglueing the visor mount to the windshield, to drilling the detector into the mirror housing and screwing it in place, to duct-taping visors to roofs, and a hundred other terrible ideas. Your car deserves better and so does your radar detector. Blendmount, out of Cotati, California has come up with a great solution. Their mount has taken the multitude of bad ideas and come up with a combination that solves all of the common woes and mounts the detector cleanly and efficiently.

The Dodge Challenger Blendmount detector mount mounts to the mirror stem itself, and then the detector mounts to the clip stemming from the Blendmount. No wobbling, no falling suction cups, no constant hassle to get it situated just right. Once it’s in, it’s in—but still quick and easy to remove for security reasons or to transfer the detector to a different vehicle. The other great thing about this mount is it’s compatible with an array of different equipment. The mounts are designed for Escort, Valentine One, ScanGauge II, even Bully Dogs for the diesel crowd. The fitment varies from make to make, but these are designed to work with the widest array of vehicle manufacturers possible. Due to the shape of some mirror stems, the Blendmount might not work but most vehicles are covered. For the Challenger however- the team at Blendmount have gone so far as to make sure we V8 loving folk have been well taken care of. The Dodge Challenger mirror is shaped slightly differently than a regular rear-view mirror due to the technology (on mirrors equipped with the AutoDim function) inside of the mirror. However, Blendmount has decided that they weren’t going to leave out the Challenger crowd due to its awkward mirror shape. In fact, they designed a mount specifically for the Dodge Challenger.

We installed the Blendmount on our 2010 SRT8 with a nice new Escort 9500IX detector. We also used an Invisi-Cord that plugged into the back of the mirror and got rid of that unsightly coiled power card. The installation was very simple and the final completed product looks OEM and keeps the detector neatly tucked up under the mirror.

The picture below shows exactly where to connect the Invisi Cord. The Black wire is ground and the Red-Black wire is switched power.

Dodge Challenger Blendount

Picture below shows the Invisi Cord installed.


Challenger SRT8 Blendmount

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