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Airaid Intake for the Challenger SRT8/RT

So, that Hemi ain’t going to feed itself. It’s just a fact of life that most of us are aware of by now, that the factory intake on just about every engine is more restrictive than we’d care for. Sure, it’s factory and that’s great if you’re content with factory power. And if you are, that’s fine. You may stop reading.

Now that we’ve weeded out all of the non-hackers that don’t deserve to modify our beloved Challengers, on to the meat. The challenger provides a beast of an engine below the hood that requires a delicate balance of air and dinosaur blood to be the beast it’s always claimed to be. In order to put some more of those stored stallions to the ground, you’ll want some more air coming into the engine. Airaid has put together an Challenger Intake that does just that, for a very reasonable price. With over 400 horses stamping around underneath the hood of your car, the factory air box can get to be more than a nuisance in terms of delivering the goods. Airaid designs each intake system with the aid of computers to pull the absolute most power derived from each system. This isn’t a company that fly’s by the seat of their pants, doing everything on the “butt dyno.” The engineers over at Airaid are constantly striving for the most power and performance out of their intake systems. Each system is put on the REAL dyno and tweaked to perfection, then sent to be produced and eventually find its way to the likes of your motor. Every filter that comes on an Dodge Airaid intake system is 100% washable, reusable, and lifetime guaranteed with their “No Hassle” warranty.

Pretty good stuff, if you ask us.

So on top of being a dyno proven improvement, and having a washable and reusable filter, and a rocking warranty they hand pour each urethane body for the intake itself. This means it’s not going to shrink, crack or curl like some of the cheaper intakes on the market today. Also of note, like most of Airaid’s intakes, they include a heat shield that blocks off the filter element from the rest of the engine bay- decreasing ambient air temps, increasing air density, increasing power. They even include a rubber strip to complete the seal against the hood.

Basically this little guy wins in our books for everything from price (usually somewhere in the $330 range online), to power gains, to craftsmanship. Airaid has done the Challenger proud.

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