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A Challenger Owner’s Christmas List

Well, Christmas is just two weeks away, and it’s getting crunch time for shopping. Maybe you haven’t found the right Christmas present for that one special someone in your family yet, and maybe that special someone happens to be a Challenger owner and lover. If so, this short list of my top 5 picks is meant to provide a great basis for you to help find a fantastic last minute gift for the Challenger lover in your family that is certain to bring some Holiday joy in to their lives.

5. Borla Challenger Exhaust System

Borla makes great exhausts. This is fact. Nobody, and I mean nobody, with a serious appreciation of vehicles and a knowledge of aftermarket components would ever deny that. The Borla exhausts for the Challenger are as good as they come, too. They combine high quality build with awesome performance gains and incredible exhaust tone and volume. If you’re looking for a premium gift for a Challenger lover, these are a great place to go. Now, it’s close to Christmas, so stocks of these aren’t great everywhere, but a lot of retailers stock Borla products. One of my favorite retailers, Southern Car Parts, is a huge seller of Borla systems and tends to have a lot of them in stock. Their prices are also near unbeatable, so they would be a good place to look first. I’ll link to their product listings, and if you’re seriously considering a Borla exhaust as a gift, they’re a great place to shop.

For the SRT-8 Owner, the Borla SRT-8 Cat-Back Exhaust is an undeniably awesome exhaust system. If you watch videos of it on YouTube, you’ll see that the system keeps the powerful sound of the HEMI engine and compliments it well with increased volume and a powerful, refined, aggressive tone. And, at $1289.99 with Free Shipping, this system is priced competitively against all of the other manufacturers, and provides an arguably much better product.

For the R/T owner, you have a lot more options. Borla has three systems available for the Challenger R/T, and each of them is awesome in their own way. The Challenger R/T S-Type Exhaust has been the defacto champion of R/T exhaust systems since its release, and the reviews of it around the internet are much more than positive. It’s cost of $1175.95 and Free Shipping is an undeniable bargain, as well. If the guys at SCP have it in stock, and you’re looking for a primo Christmas present, this is it. That being said, though, Borla may have outdone themselves with their new Challenger ATAK system. It’s brand new, so very little has been reviewed concerning it thus far, but if Borla’s previous ATAK iterations (exhaust systems which are among the most popular, from all companies, for cars like the Camaro, Corvette, and Mustang who look for similar tonal qualities and aggression) are any sign, this thing is going to take the Challenger world by storm. The ATAK technology is super cool, and a search on either Youtube, Borla’s website, or even Google can give you a lot of reasons and information why. The Challenger R/T Borla ATAK Exhaust is priced at $1359.99 with Free Shipping, and at that price is definitely a good deal, but the worry is whether or not one could arrive in time for Christmas. I guess, if you’re seriously considering buying one, it’s worth making that phone call.

4. Lloyd’s Custom Floor Mats

Floor mats are nice, get a lot of use, and look great, and for this reason they make good presents. As far as floor mats are concerned, too, Lloyd’s Mats are definitely the best. I have a pair of them (that I bought through SCP) in my Challenger R/T, and they’re durable and incredibly stylish. They’re the sort of product that gets comments all the time from other Challenger owners, too. With the Challenger R/T emblem embroidered in them, these mats look like stock, only better, and come at a much much more affordable cost than the official Dodge and Mopar mats. A few places sell them at good prices, and Southern Car Parts listing for Dodge Challenger Floor Mats definitely offers one of the best deals on them, as they come with free shipping. These mats are a lot less expensive than an exhaust, too, so they’ll offer you a great Christmas present option that are certain to be loved, used, and appreciated, and that will not break the bank.

You could also check out as an alternative website to order them from. I swear by my Lloyd’s mats, and know for a fact that any Challenger owner would be happy to have a pair of them.

3. Dodge Challenger Wireless Mouse

This one is pretty self explanatory. It’s a wireless computer mouse, and it looks like a Dodge Challenger. Of course, it also has lights that turn on when in use, and is shaped after the coolest car on the planet, so it’s a given that any and every Challenger owner would love to have one of these either sitting by their computer at home, or on their desk at their office. The 2.4ghz transmitter for the wireless signal also means that you’ll never have weird interference, and the mouse will work from far away (if you know somebody who hooks their computer up to a TV). A great gift idea, and more than affordable at under $50, these are an awesome present for a Challenger owner to help them show their Challenger pride when they’re not in their vehicle, either.

Dodge Challenger Wireless Computer Mouse

2. Dodge Challenger Sequential Tail Light Harness

These exterior modifications look really, really cool. The Challenger’s unmistakable rear light array lends itself fantastically to a sequential light sequence, and they’re functional for safety as well. These turn signals provide a fantastic custom appearance to any and every Challenger, and also make it more visible at night, to keep it safe from poor drivers who might otherwise miss the signal and rear-end the vehicle. They’re $149.95 and have Free Shipping, also, and at that price make for an awesome present that is very affordable too. Definitely worth a look, these Sequential Tail Light Wiring harnesses for the Dodge Challenger make for an awesome and exciting gift that any Challenger owner a great new look for their vehicle, and that wont break the bank b/c of their cost.

1. A New Challenger SRT-8 392

Alright, alright, alright. I know this one is kind of cheating, and technically not publicly available yet, but COME ON! The car is absolutely, absolutely, absolutely amazing. The reviews coming out for it right now are good, great, and greater and prove, again, just how awesome the Dodge Challenger is. Now, I know that this gift is an expensive one, but, what better way to show that you really love somebody than by supplying them with keys to the hottest vehicle on the roads today? I can’t think of a single thing that would be nicer!

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