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392 Challenger Hits a Dyno: Posts Impressive Numbers

Dodge has made bold claims that their new 392 Challenger SRT8 will put down 470HP and 470LbsTorque. These claims are bold because, while the engine does have a larger displacement, they are a rather large leap from the previous SRT8’s 425/420 numbers. So large a jump, in fact, that once Inside Line got their hands on the vehicle, they had to test their skepticism out. So, off they went, with a brand new SRT8 392, to their loyal dyno to see what sort of numbers the vehicle could post.

Now, before we begin this, I know that there’s a lot of stigma related to dyno numbers, as they can easily be doctored. Modification companies are infamous for running their base numbers at 87 octane and their modified numbers at 93 octane to give them a greater edge, and a tune will even change an engine’s HP rating with zero physical modifications at all, so people tend to be advised to take such numbers with a grain of salt. Inside Line has built a pretty good reputation for themselves though, as their numbers for such vehicles as the Mustang GT, the Camaro SS, the original Dodge Challenger SRT8 iteration, and countless other vehicles tend to be right in line with what average drivers report. So, I can assume we can take their numbers with minimal salt.

Dodge Challenger SRT8 392

With that out out of the way, what exactly did their Challenger put down on the dyno? How about a drool-inducing 452 WHP and 443 Lb-Ft Torque at the wheels! Those numbers are damn impressive, and, considering the standard loss of power that occurs in the transition from engine to wheel tends to be in the 15% range, one can assume that the Challenger SRT8 392 not only truly boasts those dual 470 numbers, but quiet possibly even exceeds them. This is good news from Dodge, and should mean that this newest Challenger SRT8 will begin posting some great, track and drag numbers soon that its rivals can be nothing but envious of.

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