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2015 SRT Cuda Concept

Various Renders Show Possible Iterations of the Next SRT Muscle Coupe, but There’s No Guarantee the Vehicle Will Be Made

Following their split from Dodge to become a unique vehicle entity, we’ve heard rumor after rumor that the Barracuda (as it was known in its 1964-69 A-Body configuration) or, ‘Cuda for short (as it was known in 1970-74 E-Body iteration), would be returning. SRT and Dodge engineers have spoken of it openly. Dodge re-upped their license control over the ‘Cuda name in 2010. Wikipedia even mentions a 2015 SRT ‘Cuda. So, this has to be a done deal… right? Not at all.

Expected for the 2015 model year, nothing has been made official about the ‘Cuda yet. Since their acquisition, Fiat has given Dodge and, by proxy, SRT a great deal of leeway to do as they saw fit. There has to be an end to their leash though, and the question begs to be asked if a 600+ hp, supercharged heavy muscle car coupe–in a way a redundant vehicle by comparison to the Challenger SRT8 392–is where Fiat might draw the line.

If Fiat does entrust SRT to create this vehicle, though, there’s a certainty that something special will be crafted. It has to be expected that the vehicle’s design is already near completion and is just awaiting the word “go”. So, what would an E-Body inspired modern ‘Cuda look like? It would almost certainly use a modified version of the Challenger platform–as the modern Challenger was designed to pay visual homage to the E-Body Challenger and that platform would provide the ultimate cost efficiency for them as a manufacturer–and SRT engineers will give it a lot of power.

At car shows recently SRT engineers have discussed their production of a blower powered version of the 6.2L HEMI V8. Such a powerplant would be a sound move for the newly autonomous SRT too, as it would show their penchant for taking the most extreme things Dodge does and pushing the envelope further. The biggest difficulty for SRT will be to lighten the ‘Cuda from its Challenger weight and improve the vehicle’s driver feel as the heavy nature of the Challenger has been its biggest point of criticism.

So, without further ado, here are some possible SRT ‘Cuda looks. What do you think?












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  1. I am a future customer of Dodge or SRT if the new Cuda is high on hp and low in weight. I want a beast on the track and street. This will be my last vehicle purchase (4 cars now) and the cuda is first on the list next is the new C7. Weight is the issue with tracking the Challenger 392 since my daughter has one. Its a monster on the track and a modern muscle cruiser on the highway. It is not a track car being 4100 lbs. Bring on a Cuda on the new Fiat platform dropping wgt to 3300-3600 lbs with the new hell cat engine 650 hp 8 speed auto with paddle shifters and I will pay $60k or more since the GT500 is priced in that area with the 662 hp mustang.

  2. I would gladly turn in my Mustang GT for a new ‘Cuda if the hp numbers are high and the weight is down low! Add a pistol grip 6-speed and all the trim options. A new plum crazy ‘Cuda would be right at home between my two ’70 mopars!

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