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2015 SRT Barracuda Possible Renderings

First Look Potential Renderings of the 2015 SRT Barracuda released by Car and Driver

Well. This isn’t what I expected, at all. Nothing’s official about these renderings, but, there’s almost certainly some truth to them or else a publication like Car and Driver wouldn’t release them, would they?

We know for certain that the vehicle will feature the new, smaller, rear-wheel drive based platform Dodge has been developing. That platform will certainly work to bring down vehicle weight, improve performance, and increase gas mileage. The thing is, we never had any indication that the styling would change this drastically. Based off of a few different Dodge and SRT coupe concepts shown at car shows in the recent years, the mock up rendering provided by Car and Driver just doesn’t look right. Gone are the classic throwback looks that made the current generation Challenger such a sight to behold, and in their stead we get these European/Asian sports car cues.

What do you think? Should this be the car that replaces the Challenger? Would you drive one? It looks more like a Scion FR-S than an American Muscle car, to me. Here’s to hoping when the Barracuda is unveiled by SRT the design changes aren’t this drastic from the current gen Challenger.

Possible SRT Barracuda Rendering

Challenger Barracuda Images

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