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2011 Challenger SE Will Be Outfitted with 305HP Pentastar V6

This news is coming out officially from the guys at Dodge today, and it’s good to hear. The next model year of the Challenger SE will get a new powerhouse to help it stay in line with its Camaro and Mustang competition. Outfitted with a Pentastar V6 engine, the 2011 Challenger SE will output 305 HP, and will use its gas more efficiently in doing so! It’s pretty impressive they were able to boost the Challenger’s power output by 55HP will upping the EPA rated MPG from 17/25 to 18/26. These new numbers certainly put it much more in line with its competition, where the Mustang V6 delivers an equivalent 305HP, and the Camaro V6 outputs 312 HP. Dodge/Chrysler apparently put over 45,000 hours R&D in to this Pentastar V6, also, which bodes well for the engine’s future.

Here’s to hoping that the new, more in-line power numbers will help inflate the Challenger’s visibility and popularity and give this gorgeous, awesome, car some of the popularity and respect that it truly deserves.

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