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2010 Challenger SRT8 Borla Exhaust

The 2008+ Dodge Challenger has a very menacing muscle car appearance big and bold…..Something about the OEM exhaust kind leaves you with the feeling of seeing a tiger that purrs like a kitten 😉 In an effort to give the Challenger a little more growl, we decided to give the Borla Challenger SRT8 Exhaust a try. We installed the Borla Challenger SRT8 exhaust on a brand new 2010 Challenger SRT8 over the weekend. For anyone that knows Borla’s products, you will not be disappointed with the Borla Challenger system. If you are new to Borla exhausts then read on, and if you ever have the opportunity to hear a car with a Borla system installed on it, take the time and listen. Borla exhaust systems take a sports car and give it the sound it should have had from the factory. Most OEM exhaust systems usually get a tamed down exhaust from the factory in an effort to please everyone and keep cost down. Borla uncaps your cars potential from a performance and exhaust note perspective and the Challenger Exhaust definitely will not disappoint.

The exhaust installed on our 2010 Challenger very easily and took a total of 90 mins from start to finish and that included the time to clean up at the end. The Borla exhaust is 100% Stainless Steel (also has a million mile warranty) and just on visual appearance alone makes the OEM exhaust look cheap. The Borla Challenger exhaust fit perfect and everything aligned as you would expect it would.

OEM Exhaust

Borla Challenger SRT8 Exhaust

The Exhaust note was deeper at idle but nothing too drastically different than stock. You really notice the difference when accelerating, deep and raspy (the way a Hemi should sound). The car really comes alive and sounds the way it should from the factory will little to zero cabin drone. It is safe to say that you could take your wife or girlfriend with you on a long trip with the Borla system and you would not get any complaints of excessive cabin noise. The exhaust is also not so over the top that it would upset the locals in your neighborhood. Honestly, it is the perfect blend of muscle sound with a wide open throttle roar that will get your attention. The Borla tips also added a nice touch….

We did a video that compares the OEM system to the Challenger Borla system (so you can hear the differences).

If you are in the market for a Challenger Exhaust or maybe have been wondering what you can do to your Challenger to give it a little more growl that it has from the factory. By the way we also got an extra 7 rwhp when we hit the dyno.

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